Tutorial - Banner Navigation

Accessing Banner

1.  Log into my.scranton.edu

2.  Select the Banner ERP Tab

3.  Select the Banner INB link under Banner Information

4.  Select from the displayed folders

Note: from the links on far right column, select Banner Bookshelf for much more information about Banner.

Learning about Banner Navigation

Data in Banner is accessed and entered through a series of on-line forms, which are organized by process into a nested menu folder. In Banner, a menu bar is at the top of every screen. It contains drop-down options and icons for various actions that you can take.


Follow the links below for more information on how to navigate within Banner. The information is in PDF form for easy printing and downloading.

Drop-menus in Banner The Key Block
The Banner ToolBar Tabs in Forms
Auto-Hint Line Banner ID Search

Search Icons and Query Forms

You can search for data in Banner using query forms and Search icons. Querying is the process we use to find data that already exists in the Banner database. You can use queries to find data from query, inquiry and on most application forms.

Searching Data with Search Icons and Query Forms

Running Reports and Processes

Any report or process that you need to run in Banner, uses the same basic steps. In the Go To field, type the 7-character Banner form name or double-click on the process from the menu.

The format for all reports or processes is the same. Parameters you set are specific to the report or process you select. You can enter the report or process criteria in the Value field next to Parameter Set: Some processes have no parameters, while others may have many. You may need to scroll to find them in the list.

Running Reports and Processes