New Banner Users - FAQ

    1. What is Internet Native BANNER (INB)?

      The University's Primary source of information. Almost every office on campus makes use of the system. The system services the following departments; Admissions, Registrar, Financial Aid, Student Affairs, Career Services, Human Resources, Purchasing and Payables. This is just a sample of the offices serviced by the system.

      Most users only access the Production Database however, there is a QA (Quality Assurance) system that can also be accessed through Contact the Technology Support Center if you need to access the QA system.

    2. What is the BANNER Username?

      The BANNER username is a unique identifier used within the My.Scranton portal to control access to the BANNER system. You will only need to know this username should the portal be unavailable. You may click below to look up your information.

      What is my Banner information?
    3. How do I access BANNER?

      BANNER is accessed via the My.Scranton portal Banner ERP tab.

    4. How do I know what information I can access in BANNER?

      Once your access is processed by the Data Processing Office, you will receive an e-mail indicating what access you have been granted. More detailed access information can be found in Self Service.

      • Log into Self Service found on the Home Tab via the My.Scranton portal
      • Click the Personal Information tab
      • Scroll Down and select the END-USER Userclass Security item
      • The page will display your Banner ID, the Userclasses you have been assigned to on the left, and a detailed list of the Banner forms which make up the userclasses on the right
      • Use CTRL-F to search for specific items on this page.
    5. Who can I contact if I have a question?

      If you have a question about how a particular component of BANNER works and you did not find your answer on the BANNER Support web site, send your question to the appropriate BANNER User Coordinator for your area. Click the BANNER SUPPORT CONTACTS.

    6. What is the first thing I should do once I know my username and password?

      Once you have successfully logged on to BANNER we recommend that you review the Banner Bookshelf found in Banner on the main menu.

    7. How do I let Information Resources know of important events that require the system to be available?

If you are hosting an important event that requires the systems to be available, please inform your BANNER SUPPORT CONTACTS. Your Banner Support Contact will ensure that the Business Application Analyst puts on the PIR-Events Calendar within Outlook that keeps PIR informed of important events that require systems availability.