Role of the Banner Coordinator

The role of the Banner Coordinator involves the following activities:

  1. Serves as liaison between his/her department personnel and the PIR Division, specifically IT Development and Applications, Database / Operations, and Systems.
  2. Reviews current uses of Banner in his/her department. Maintains knowledge of location and content of Banner documentation for selected Banner modules
  3. Reviews new features of each Banner upgrade and coordinates with his/her department manager to decide if any new features can/should be utilized. Communicates decision to IT Development & Applications.
  4. Implements and documents standards for data being entered into Banner.
  5. Tests mission critical applications in a timely manner after a new upgrade has been applied in the Banner TEST environment. Notifies IT Development and Applications of any issues immediately upon discovering them.
  6. Maintains documentation on the Banner-related processes or procedures used by the University community, specific to his/her department. Makes special note of any processes that affect other departments. Assures procedures provide data protection.
  7. Communicates any new procedures or changes to existing procedures to end-users. 
  8. Maintains an understanding of the database tables that support the uses of Banner in his/her department, as well as how the tables are related and how they interface with other Banner modules. 
  9. Assures reliable data collection processes and archives data on standard cycles
  10. Implements backup and recovery procedures that protect data integrity
  11. Uses Argos reporting tool to provide information/data/reports to end-users.
  12. Is the primary contact when security must be defined and assigned to end-users.
  13. Reviews Footprints requests for data, as well as new/modified software enhancements, data processing or report modifications. Fulfills such requests when able. If not able to fulfill, reassigns in Footprints to PIR department(s) as appropriate.
  14. May serve on Data and Technology Coordinator Group, Information Management Advisory Committee, or other Banner-related committees. 
  15. Responsible for the dissemination of information from PABUG, Summit, and Conferences / Visits that pertain to Banner.