Banner Navigation Training

Welcome to Banner Navigation

Banner fuses administrative and academic functions, managing core operations data and giving faculty and offices the secure, 24x7, online access to the information they need.   Banner enables the scheduling of courses, assignments of teaching locations and faculty to courses, entering and managing of grades, production of transcripts, and other key functions associated with teaching.  Banner provides a hard “shell” around the data that is crucial to our core missions, allowing access only to those administrative and academic personnel who are authorized to see, or enter it.  ITDA assists departments with the use of the Banner system, and customizes Banner to meet the University’s administrative and academic needs.

  • Banner is accessed through the portal. Log in with your username and password.
  • Select the Banner portlet in the my.scranton toolbar.
  • Select Banner ERP on the top left.

Introduction to Banner Navigation Tutorials

The following information deals with a set of tutorials to help you navigate within the Banner framework. Click on each of the following links to go to specific information.

Basic Banner Navigation Tutorial

Banner Navigation Tutorial

Naming Conventions Tutorial