An Interview With Don Bergmann, Director of Public Safety


The University of Scranton strives to create a safe and secure learning environment for our students, faculty and staff. Parent Relations talked with Chief Don Bergmann, Director of Public Safety, about how University Police works to protect and serve the campus community.

PR: Who are University Police?

DB: The University of Scranton Police Department is full-service police department with jurisdiction on the campus and public areas immediately adjacent to the campus. University officers are sworn police officers who go through extensive training that equals the requirements of municipal police departments.

PR: What should students know about University Police?

DB: Students should know that we are here to help. We participate in University events and several community programs that allow students to meet members of the police force and become familiar with our services. We have forms on our website that allow students to voice a concern, act as a silent witness and anonymously report a crime. And, we encourage students to program our phone number (941-7777) into their cell phones so that they can easily contact us.

PR: How do University Police help keep students safe?

DB: Our officers are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer safety escorts as well as a van Royal Ride services for students. Call boxes that connect directly to our office are located throughout campus.

PR: What types of safety issues most commonly impact students?

DB: There is a strong sense of community among Scranton students, which is wonderful, but a danger of it is that sometimes students feel too comfortable and they become complacent. If that happens, they can engage in behaviors that put them at risk, such as walking alone at night or engaging in alcohol consumption. To combat this we ask students to follow simple steps to protect themselves and their property.

PR: What are community advisories?

DB: Community advisories are notices regarding crimes that have been reported to (University Police). Their purpose is to raise awareness about crimes so that, again, the members of the community can look out for themselves and others, and make informed decisions. They’re sent via email to all members of the University community who live on or nearby campus, they’re posted on doors and common areas around campus, and they’re listed on the Department of Public Safety website.

For more information about University Police and the services they provide visit the Department of Public Safety website.

Families who attend Family Weekend on September 30-October 2 will have a chance to talk with University Police officers and Chief of Police, Don Bergmann at “Meet the Beat”.