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La Festa

By: Kassie Dunn

As Labor Day weekend approached, students at The University of Scranton couldn’t be more thrilled, not only for the three-day weekend ahead, but also for the beloved La Festa Italiana! This festival is held in downtown Scranton and takes place Friday through Monday of Labor Day weekend. The people of Scranton are all smiling and gawking at the abundance of amazing food all around the square. There are so many options– it’s almost hard for someone not to get overwhelmed.

This year was the festival's 42nd year running and more than 80 vendors attended. From delicious pasta to handmade gelato, everything there is mouth-watering. Kelly Linsenmeyer, a junior KSOM student said, “I didn’t know which vendor to choose! They all look so delicious, it’s hard to tell which one will be the best.” With the abundance of vendors, there are bound to be duplicates of certain dishes, so it’s extremely difficult to decide!

Along with all of the appetizing dishes, there was also live entertainment featuring the well-known show band, The Infernos. They play a wide variety of music ranging from old jazz to the new hits heard daily on the radio. Thanks to them, the crowd was lively and cheerful and made the overall experience at La Festa delightful.

Students who attend the University look forward to this event as soon as they step foot back onto campus. Some students go home for the weekend, but when they come back, it’s always nice to go to a late dinner. The best part about that is that the vendors slash their prices in half so people can get more than enough to eat!

La Festa Italiana is a great way to start off the new school year! So, for next year:

What to Watch: Scranton Athletics

By: Kayla Johnson

At the University of Scranton, there are 23 NCAA Division III athletic programs, 10 for men and 11 for women, and the University is a member of the Landmark Conference for 22 out of the 23 sports it supports. Recently, Scranton added on indoor and outdoor men’s and women’s track and field headed by their new coach, Ozzie Brown.

Kelly Lappin ‘18 is captain of the swim team.

"This year I think our main goal is to overall improve. Last year we did amazing and this year is our year to beat that," she said. "We want to do faster times, more service hours and have a great year! One of our big goals is to take the conference championships this year and bring back first place. I definitely think that this team has the potential and talent to accomplish this." 

The 2017-18 season has started for some of the teams on campus, including men’s and women’s soccer, men’s and women’s golf, men’s and women’s tennis, women’s field hockey, men’s and women’s cross country, men’s and women’s swimming and women’s volleyball. Students who participate in Division III athletics can learn and discover many new things through their teams and about themselves and fellow students. These athletes follow academic excellence, show their leadership abilities, take part in good sportsmanship while serving others, and perfect their athletic skills. Check out The University of Scranton athletics page, here. View the athletics photo gallery, here.

Stay connected and updated on your favorite teams by following Royal Athletics (@RoyalAthletics) on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. And follow the teams on social media!

Get to Know your Student Government

By: Kayla Johnson

As the voice of the student body, student government of The University of Scranton works together alongside students and faculty to create the University that everyone wants to be a part of. The members of student government act as the advocates for the students. They want to hear what the students think should occur on campus as well as what they believe will best better the University. The student government has established many new things at the University so far, such as the 24-hour floors in the library, a mental health awareness and destigmatization campaign, and a car-share program for students. Meet some of the senators and cabinet members as well as why they joined student government:

Steven Browning, ‘18 (pictured), Student Government President:

“Coming into this year one of my major goals is to try and change how student government is seen on campus. Unfortunately, not many people know what we do, or simply associate us with the budgeting process. I hope to change this perception this year so that students are aware of the different initiatives we take on campus. More importantly, I want students to know that we are there to advocate for their needs and ideas. This being said, I do recognize that not every student feels comfortable coming to talk to members of student government if they don't know us. This leads me to another change I hope to see, in student government as being seen more approachable. Like I said before, we are students too and want to help our peers the best way we can. Our door is open for suggestions, concerns, or just to chat! Come and talk to us!”

Lauren Tomasic, ’18 (pictured), Student Government Vice President:

"I enjoy being a part of student government for many reasons, but two main things stand out. First, I love having the opportunity to meet, talk with, and get to know so many students around campus! Second, as vice president, it is my job to serve as a mentor for the senators and committee chairs. It's only been a few months, but so far, I have really enjoyed serving in this capacity and helping senators accomplish their goals. This year, in addition to helping senators, I hope to find ways to spread the news so that students around campus are aware of all that student government accomplishes!"

Matthew McCoughlin, Class of ’19 Senator:

“Being a part of student government gives me a lot of opportunities, what encouraged me to run is the aspiration I had to turn those imagined opportunities into realities to transform campus into a place students miss when they go home for breaks. With that being said, I don’t want student government to be a group of students hidden behind a title. I want to break down the stigma of student government. I’ve presented to clubs a few times so far this year, and I’ve repeatedly stressed that student government is here for students. There should be no barrier, fear, or hesitancy for a student to approach anyone on student government. So, I would say my hope is use every tool and resource student government possess to make campus a second home for students, and not just a place to get a degree.”

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