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Crossing Cultures: Global Insights into Nigeria

By: Kayla Johnson

Last Thursday, the Office of International Student and Scholar Services hosted their final Global Insights presentation, which enables members of the University community to learn about different cultures from the perspective of a current international student.

The final presenter was Uzoma “Uzo” Agbasionye, who was born and raised in Enugu (located in the eastern part of Nigeria). His talk covered everything from geography and politics to his plans for the future.  

When Agbasionye came to the United States he was sure life here would be something out of a movie, specifically “Mean Girls,” because this was his only experience with American culture. He was interested in coming to the United States to learn about the many cultures represented here. Here at Scranton, he studies business management and loves playing sports, especially soccer, basketball and volleyball.

The chief of his village, he said, is his grandfather who had seven wives and 44 children. Agbasionye spoke openly about how he loves seeing and living with his grandmother, how his mother is stricter than the strictest parents in the United States, and how he would love to stay here and make a life where it is safer and where he could have a family.

This semester, Global Insights has featured students from Palau, Yap and Vietnam.

Check out more photos from Global Insights on our Flickr page.

Learn more about the Office of International Students and Scholar Services here.

University Celebrates Veterans Day

By: Megan Castaldi

To honor and celebrate our Veterans and ROTC community, The University of Scranton hosted several events on Veterans Day, Nov. 11. These events included an inter-faith prayer service over a “Field of Flags,” a Veterans Center dedication, an open house for the Veterans Center and a Veteran lecture series.

The Veterans Center dedication is for our newly constructed Veterans and ROTC Resource Lounge in Hyland Hall.  With this new lounge, Veterans and ROTC members can gather and offer information to new veterans.

Dr. Daniel Fraustino, a representative for the Veterans Club Advocacy Committee, said that the new Veterans Resource Lounge is the culmination of several years of hard work by Robert Zelno, a recently retired staff member, and the Veterans Advisory Committee, an association of professors and professional staff at the University.  

The Veterans Advocacy Committee hopes the new Veterans Resource Lounge will be a good place for current and incoming Veterans to congregate.

“The committee is dedicated to reaching out to veterans applying to the University and those already studying here,” said Fraustino. “The VAC intends to create a welcoming environment, academically and socially, where defenders of our freedom can meet, study, and talk.”

For more information about Veterans Day and The University of Scranton, click here.

Q and A with Lauren Conniff, creator of the Instagram account @uofshumans

By: Robert Bauer

Lauren Conniff
Hometown: Long Island, NY
Class: 2017
Major: Strategic Communication


Lauren Conniff is a rising senior who is also the proud creator of @uofshumans, an Instagram account that peers into the lives of the members of our Royal community. She wants to use this account to tell the stories of people that others might not hear or read. I had the opportunity to sit with her and talk about her work!

Q: Do you want to briefly describe what Humans of The University of Scranton is?

A: It’s basically my spin on Humans of New York. I truly believe that everyone has a story, but not everyone has a platform to tell it. So, I wanted to do my best to tell the stories of the people who never would if they weren’t asked. 

When I meet up with the person I give them a really vague prompt, like “just talk about something that impacts you everyday,” or “[what’s] something cool that happened to you today?” or “[what’s] something that is significant in your life?” and then they just rattle off whatever they can think of off the top of their head. Interviews are no more than three minutes long.

Sometimes we’ll end up talking for 20 minutes after the recorder is off because we end up getting into such a good conversation, and why stop something that’s good?

Q: Because you are in the Class of 2017, how are you going to hand off the account? Do you have any plans for that?

A: I think it would be cool to give it to a current junior at the end of the year, because then they’ll be in their senior year and be the place where I am and want to get to know the people around them. There’s something special about having a Senior doing it because they’ve seen more and experienced more.

Q: What do you hope people take away from the account or what kind of feelings are you hoping to instill upon people?

A: I hope that, if anything, people realize this campus and this University is so diverse and that there are so many people with stories to tell. You truly don’t know a person until you ask them to tell their story, just as much as you think you can narrow someone down to a couple of sentences, they probably have years and years worth of stories and life experiences to tell you. 

It just shows that there is more to a person than what they show on the surface, and it’s our job to figure it out as people trying to get to know people that we’re walking past every day and hope that they can share some wisdom with us. 

You can find the stories as reported by Conniff on Instagram by following @uofshumans.

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Class Year:2017
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