Center for Student Engagement Recognizes McAvoy


This year, the Center for Student Engagement has spearheaded a new initiative to recognize our student leaders who go above and beyond the call of duty. Our office has created the Student Leader of the Month Award to honor those students who consistently make a difference on our campus and in our community. We are proud to announce that Brian McAvoy '13 is the Student Leader of the Month award recipient for November.

McAvoy holds several leadership roles on campus including an Orientation Assistant Team Leader, a coordinator for all Inauguration and Graduation events, and a Christian Life Communities Leader. He is also involved in programs such as  the International Service Program and Music Ministry. He was chosen for this award because of his patience, genuine kindness, and passion for connecting with others. McAvoy applies utmost dedication, tirelessness, zeal, and patience in his leadership positions.

Congratulations, Brian, on being nominated and chosen as the November Student Leader of the Month!!

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