This Month in Our History - March

Black and white reproduction of a photograph of the installation of a University of Scranton sign on the outside of College Hall (Old Main), below the existing St. Thomas College sign, ca. Fall 1938. The College's name changed to the University of Scranton on March 30,1938. College President Brother Denis Edward looks on.

March 1926 - Phi Nu Sigma

The College’s first social fraternity, Phi Nu Sigma, was organized in March, 1926, by a group of St. Thomas College students who wanted to promote “College Spirit and the best interests of Alma Mater.”

March 30, 1938 - Name Change Requested

In 1938, University president Brother Denis Edward, F.S.C., submitted a petition to the Court of Common Pleas requesting to change the name of the institution from St. Thomas College to The University of Scranton. The University operated under the new title from that time forward, although the name change was not recognized by the Pennsylvania State Department of Education until April, 1942.

As part of the name change, the University adopted a new insignia with the label “Sigillum Universitatis Scrantonensis,” or “seal of the University of Scranton.” In addition to the University motto “Religio - Mores - Cultura,” the emblem also featured a Lamp of Knowledge and a Holy Cross resting on Books of Learning. Acorns at the bottom of the seal signified strength.



1918 - Track

St. Thomas College students organized the school’s first track team in the spring of 1918.

1958 - Esprit

The University’s literary magazine Esprit was first published in spring, 1958, under the direction of moderator Rev. J. J. Quinn, S.J. In the magazine, which is published once each semester. Esprit features stories, poems, essays, visual art, and photography by students, faculty, and other community members. The most celebrated guest author was novelist Flannery O’Connor, a friend of Fr. Quinn, who judged the first Esprit short story contest in 1959 and contributed an article about writing in 1963.

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