Tons of Reasons to Not Waste Food: Waste Less, Do More

The average American wastes more than half a pound of food per day. With more than 4,000 students at Scranton, that translates into 2,000 pounds of food wasted on our campus alone each day. You do the math: 4,000 Scranton students times .5 pounds of food wasted per day times three days equals 6,000 pounds of food wasted in just three days. That’s three tons – or three whole elephants!

You can make a difference. Take part in a three-day challenge to reduce food waste from Tuesday, Nov. 13, through Friday, Nov. 15. All you have to do is attend the three-day event challenge "Waste Less, Do More" on Facebook, waste less food during the three days, and expand your knowledge on food waste reduction and why it's important. 

Our goal is to reduce food waste by three garbage bags over three days. If we reach this goal, we will make a contribution of food baskets to the Thanksgiving food drive organized by the Center for Service and Social Justice. 

Like us on Facebook at Waste Less Do More. Follow us on Twitter at @wastelessdomore.

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