Interested in Air Force ROTC?

Interested in becoming a part of the most powerful Air Force in the world while still living the life of a college student?  If so, you might be interested in finding out more about Detachment 752, the Air Force ROTC program based out of Wilkes University. Air Force ROTC is offered to students at more than 1,000 college campuses. It is an in-school program that prepares a student to graduate and commission as an officer in the United States Air Force. Not only is it a resource to help pay for school, but it is a fantastic way to build leadership skills that are essential to competing in corporate America.  

As you probably know by now, higher education can come at quite a cost. Fortunately, the Air Force ROTC program can help alleviate some of the costs that are associated with schooling. Scholarships can vary between partial tuition scholarships up to full rides. Also, if awarded a scholarship, you will receive $900 per year to help pay for books, not to mention a monthly stipend for some extra spending money. Unfortunately, not everyone will receive a scholarship, and the selection process is very competitive. To be competitive in the program, a high GPA, high SAT scores, and a physical fitness evaluation is required, as well as strong leadership abilities.

It’s important to realize that it is not a club or a sport; AFROTC is for those whose dream it is to serve this fine nation as an officer in the United States Air Force. The program teaches and emphasizes teamwork, responsibility, time management, physical fitness, and leadership. The entire curriculum is based upon the Air Force Core Values: Integrity first, Service before self, and Excellence in all we do. The program is set up in a way which stresses learning from others. No cadet who joins the program goes through it alone. You will make some great friends and have amazing memories. For more information, contact Capt. Marc Honrath, recruiting officer, at (570) 408-4865, or by email at You can also visit the detachment's website at

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