Cartwright/Cummings Town Hall Meeting: The Battle For the PA17

Interested in the knowing about the candidates who will be chosen to represent you? Come to the Cartwright/Cummings Town Hall Meeting to learn more about each candidate on Tuesday, Oct. 23, at 7 p.m. in the Rose Room, Brennan Hall (fifth floor). Matt Cartwright and Laureen Cummings, the two congressional candidates running for the 17th Congressional District in Pennsylvania, will be participating in an informational session. Both candidates will be given time to talk about their political background, how they started in politics, and how they can be the change that Washington, D.C., needs. After the informational session, there will be a Q & A segment for all attendees. 

"This gives undecided voters a chance to voice their concerns about the Scranton area, raise questions about certain policies or simply enjoy the experience," said Donald Castellucci, president of the College Republicans Club.

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