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University of Scranton students and staff participated in a service trip to Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles, Calif., in January. From left are, Mike Wiencek, Betty Rozelle, Kerry Delaney, Danielle Frascella, Laura Rozelle, Pat Vaccaro, and Peter Delong of Downington.
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Ten University of Scranton nursing students provided health screenings to nearly 500 children at North Star Academy, a charter public school in Newark, N.J. Students participating in the January service project are, from left in front row, Minnel Meglioranza and Kelly Zimmerman. Back row from left are, Nora Bompensiero, Lauren Meade, Katelyn Mertz, Elizabeth Malocsay, Stephen Stark, Jillian D’Eramo, Ashley Vosilla and Jennifer Farrell. All are members of the University’s class of 2012.

During The University of Scranton’s winter break, students provided health screenings to underserved children in Newark, worked alongside alumni doctors to provide medical treatment to people in Haiti, and helped at soup kitchens in Los Angeles. Stories written by University of Scranton student correspondents about each of these service trips were published by the Links to each of these stories follows.


Nine nursing students traveled to Savannah, Ga., to work at St. Mary’s Community Center, an organization that provides a multitude of educational, health and children services to those in the city who are much in need.
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Ten senior University of Scranton nursing students spent nearly a week in Newark, N.J., providing health screenings to nearly 500 children.
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University medical alumni and current pre-med undergraduates traveled to Haiti in a trip sponsored by the Medical Alumni Council to provide medical attention and aid to the people in the impoverished nation.
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When some people think of service, they may think of hands-on work like providing meals at soup kitchens and homeless shelters. But as a group of University of Scranton students learned, sometimes it can be as simple as listening and observing.
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It has been more than two weeks since sophomore Martha Triano returned to Scranton from Uganda, but no amount of time will ever make her forget the welcoming and hopeful spirit she witnessed in the Ugandan people.
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Gang life. Homelessness. Poverty. Senior criminal justice and forensic chemistry major Philip Malley had heard of these topics before, but it was not until he saw the issues himself that he truly understood them.
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