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International Service Programs
Our International Service trips provide opportunities for our students, faculty, and staff to be immersed in cultures and experiences in developing countries of our world. The program revolves around simple living, community, generosity, and faith-based reflection. To Donate to the International Service Program please click here.
Countries we Visit
Dominican Republic 2011.JPG
San Juan, Dominican Republic
Students chosen for this trip participate in a week-long construction project. Through the organization, Cambiando Vidas (Changing Lives), groups engage in a cultural and communal experience of building a house for a family. Volunteers see the project to completion - from the foundation to welcoming the family into their home.
Ecuador 2011.JPG
Quito, Ecuador
The Working Boys' Center serves over 400 families of working children. Volunteers engage in school and community projects focused on the program's commitment to formation and social assistance. Groups also participate in a "minga" - a community work gang construction project.

El Salv 2011.JPG
San Salvador, El Salvador
Students who participate in this service experience are hosted by the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus through Project Fiat International. Service includes a building project, care for malnourished children in a community center, and involvement with neighborhood schools.
Guatemala 2011.PNG
San Lucas, Guatemala
Students chosen for this service trip work with the San Lucas Mission and Parish. Projects include participation in construction, coffee picking and processing, reforestation, and various community tasks. Groups receive a cross-cultural experience combining hands on service with opportunities for learning and community building.

Guyana 2011.JPG
Georgetown, Guyana
In this English-speaking South American country, students work to assist the Guyanese people by helping in the various ministries offered by the Sisters of Mercy. Volunteers serve in hospitals, orphanages, and/or hospices.
haiti 2011.JPG
Port Au Prince, Haiti
Hosted by Partners In Development (PID), students who participate in this trip are engaged in various forms of service. Group projects include building homes, making village improvements, running children's programs, and assisting in the PID clinic. Participants will also have the opportunity to interact with children at a local orphanage.

El Progreso, Honduras
Participants selected for this program will serve at Copprome Children's Shelter. Students will spend most of their days playing with over sixty boys and girls of various ages. Groups will also assist a partnering mission team to build homes in a nearby village.
Jamaica 2011.JPG
Kingston, Jamaica
Through this experience, students provide services to the homeless in a soup kitchen and shelter, visit the elderly in a home sponsored by the Missionaries of Charity, and minister to children in a local hospital. This program, The Jamaica Volunteers, is administered by the Jamaica Volunteer Foundation.

Mexico 2011.JPG
Mexico City, Mexico
In Mexico City, the oldest of the ISP trips, students live with the girls of the Yolia Project. A group of female students serve at a home for girls, assisting in their day-to-day activities such as chores, homework, play and prayer. The group also spends time working at a day center for impoverished children.
Managua, Nicaragua
Hand in Hand Ministries is dedicated to providing food, water, clothing, shelter, education and medical care to the most vulnerable populations. Participants on this trip will work with families to repair or build homes, and assist with school repairs in neighborhood preschools. Groups will visit community members, play with the students and tutor local school children.

Students interested in devoting a year or more of their life to service after graduation are encouraged to speak with a University Minister. Each fall, a long-term volunteer fair is held on campus for interested students.  For more information please contact Cathy Seymour,

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