My.Scranton Portal


My.Scranton is the portal to all of your University of Scranton resources, such as your email, class schedule and courses, calendar, University announcements and more.

  • I want to change my password. Where do I do this?plus or minus

    • Under the Home tab.
    • In the right column, when you scroll down, you will see the Update Personal Information section.
    • Select "Change PIN" to update your password.

    Your password must be

    • at least 9 characters long (maximum 15 characters)
    • contains at least one alpha and one number
    • cannot contain the following special characters: @$&(),<>';=#%"! or a space
  • What’s my Royal ID?plus or minus

    Your Royal ID is an identification number assigned to you by the University. It can be found on your Royal Card and consists of the letter R followed by eight numbers.

  • What applications can I not access with my Royal ID?plus or minus

    • When accessing your email through the portal it will continue to automatically redirect you to the Outlook web client. If you go to outlook mail directly in a web browser you would need to use your firstname.lastname@scranton.
    • RoyalDrive – username will continue to be your legacy userid (smithj1)
    • Footprints – username will continue to be your legacy userid (smithj1)
    • Clouded applications (e.g. Engage, RegOnline)– no changes have been made to usernames