Quick Answers: Dropbox Business


This page provides answers to frequently asked questions. If you don't find an answer to your question here, please contact please contact the Technology Support Center at 570-941-HELP (4357) or email techsupport@scranton.edu.


  • How does Dropbox Business work?plus or minus

    Getting started with Dropbox Business is easy. You can add files already on your computer to Dropbox Business by either copying them over or moving them from your computer. When you save new files, you can choose to save them to Dropbox Business so you can get to them from any device and share them with other people.
  • How can I benefit from using Dropbox Business?plus or minus

    Here are a number of ways you can benefit from using Dropbox Business:
    • Automatically save a backup copy of your files
    • Access your files from anywhere
    • Easily switch between different devices
  • Can I use Dropbox Business at home, work or while traveling?plus or minus

    Yes. Dropbox Business is available anywhere.

    Several clients (for computers) and apps (mobile devices) are available for download, to make it easier to access from everywhere:

  • How do I claim my University of Scranton Dropbox business account?plus or minus

    In order to access your account, log into our my.scranton portal. On the Faculty tab, you will see a section called Dropbox Business. Select Access Your Account to start using this service today.

  • What happens if I already have a Dropbox account?plus or minus

    Dropbox accounts are linked to email addresses.

    If your pre-existing Dropbox account is linked to your scranton.edu email address, you’ll have an opportunity when claiming your Dropbox Business account to either keep the files in your pre-existing account separate from the Dropbox Business account or to merge those files into the Dropbox Business account. Be advised that if you choose to keep the accounts separate, you will need to link a different email address to the pre-existing account.

    If your pre-existing Dropbox account is not linked to your scranton.edu email address, you can choose to connect your personal Dropbox account to your Dropbox Business account once you have completed the account claim process.

  • What is the benefit of connecting my Dropbox Business account with my personal Dropbox account?plus or minus

    By connecting your personal Dropbox account to your Dropbox Business account, you’ll be able to access both accounts on any computer or mobile device. This allows you to keep your personal and work files separate and accessible from anywhere.
  • What does the “Dropbox” folder do?plus or minus

    This folder is kept in sync with Dropbox Business. If you add, change, or delete a file or folder on the Dropbox website, the file or folder is added, changed, or deleted in your Dropbox folder and vice versa.
  • Do I have to install the Dropbox app on all my computers?plus or minus

    No. You can still work with your Dropbox files on that computer by pointing any web browser to
  • Which credentials do I use to login to Dropbox Business?plus or minus

    To access Dropbox Business, use your University of Scranton e-mail address (firstname.lastname@scranton.edu) and your my.Scranton password.
  • I forgot my password for Dropbox Business. How do I get it?plus or minus

    Please visit https://my.scranton.edu and click Forgot your password.
  • Who do I contact if I am having trouble logging into Dropbox Business?plus or minus

    If you are having trouble logging into Dropbox Business please contact the Technology Support Center at
    (570) 941-4357 or techsupport@scranton.edu.
  • Is there a size limit on the files that can be uploaded?plus or minus

    Files uploaded via the desktop app or mobile apps have no file size limit. Files uploaded to dropbox.scranton.edu or dropbox.com must be 20GB or smaller.
  • Is there a limit on the number of files that can be synchronized?plus or minus

    The number of files you can store in your Dropbox Business is only limited by the amount of online storage space in your Dropbox account. Please note, however, that the performance of the Dropbox application may start to decline when you store above 300,000 files. At that point you may observe some slowness or unexpected behavior of some features. Be sure to always use the most current version of the desktop app. If you have a lot of files, you can use selective sync to select only certain files to sync to your computer.

  • Can I recover deleted files in Dropbox Business?plus or minus

    Dropbox Business saves all deletion and version history for 120 days. After 120 days, it gets deleted

    To recover a deleted file:

    • Sign in to dropbox.scranton.edu.
    • Click Files in the left sidebar.
    • Click Deleted files in the left sidebar.
    • Locate the deleted file or folder you want to recover and click on the name.
    • Click Restore.
  • Do I have document versioning turned on in Dropbox Business?plus or minus

    Extended version history is automatically enabled in Dropbox Business.
  • How can I share my files and folders in Dropbox Business?plus or minus

    You can share your files and folders in Dropbox Business by giving people edit access to your files or by
    giving people view-only access to your files.

    If you give people edit access to a folder in your Dropbox, it becomes a shared folder. Changes to the contents of these shared folders are synced to everyone who has access to the shared folder.

    View-only access lets people view, comment and download a file. People with view-only access can’t edit the file itself. View-only access is best for when you need to share a file with a large audience or you want to gather feedback on a file.

  • Can I share files with individuals who are not members of The University of Scranton’s Dropbox Business account (e.g., staff, students, peers at other institutions)?plus or minus

    Yes, you can share files and folders with individuals who are not members of The University of Scranton’s Dropbox Business account. Keep in mind, however, that the amount of space in your recipient’s Dropbox account will prevent the recipient from accepting a shared folder invitation if the shared folder is larger than or will exceed the recipient’s space quota.

    Remember, individuals using the free Dropbox Basic account only have quotas of 2GB.

  • Can I store photos in my Dropbox Business account?plus or minus

    Yes, but know that Dropbox only supports camera uploads on personal Dropbox accounts. This is to help you avoid mixing personal and work files. If you’d like to add photos and videos to a Dropbox Business account, you can select individual files and add them manually.

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