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FAQ: Employment

Alternative Work Schedule (AWS) 

The Alternative Work Schedule program was adopted by Father Quinn and the President's Cabinet effective June 2013. 

Recognizing that workplace flexibility is a valuable tool in meeting modern business needs and supporting employees’ needs to balance personal and professional commitments, this policy is designed to guide the appropriate implementation of alternative work arrangements that enhance the effectiveness of business functions and support the quality of work-life for University Staff.

Benefits eligible, full time staff who have completed their probationary period, have a record of satisfactory performance and have no disciplinary issues may be eligible for alternative work schedules.  Some positions, due to the nature of the work and degree of engagement, may not be appropriate for alternative work schedules.  Department heads and Divisional Leadership will determine when alternative work schedules are not feasbile within their departments/divisions.

Types of alternative work schedules available at the University include: compressed work week, flextime, telecommuting and nine/ten/eleven month schedules.  Staff members wishing to explore alternative work scheduling must submit a written request to their supervisor for review.  The request is subject to review and approval by the department head, divisional leadership and the Office of Human Resources.  Individuals should contact their supervisor or manager with questions regarding eligibility to take part in alternative work scheduling and what schedules may be available within their department.

If you would like to be considered for an alternative work schedule (a schedule other than 8:30am to 4:30pm) please complete the Alternative Work Schedule Policy and Request Form. Details on completing and returning the request form are outlined and described within the document.