Chapel Garden

Our lab visits McNichols Plaza again

On November 9, 2017, our lab returned to McNichols Plaza for another educational activity.  We were joined by a few other students (Cara Anzulewicz, Andrew Gorr, Cassie Stapf, and Theresa Webster) who wanted to particpate.  Dr. Jong-Hyun Son, our newest Neuroscience faculty member, also joined in.

The students did science demonstrations centered on smell, taste, and chemical irritaiton, including some interesting activities on food, flavor and fragrance.

Dr. G, Matt Reynolds, Alex Haber, Erika Beryent, Theresa Webster, Kim Barr, Shannon Loftus, and Cara Anzulewicz. Missing from photo: Andrew Gorr, Marissa Galardi, Haleigh McBride, Cassie Stapf, Kara Romanowski, Julia Wardeh, Dr. Son

 Here are a few photos from the event:

Dr. Son helps prepare for the event.


Kara Romanowski and Alex Haber do the Jellybean demo, where jelly bean flavors cannot be discerned if your nose is pinched closed.


Andrew Gorr, Julia Wardeh, and Kim Barr do the Potato/Apple pie demo, where thin slices of potato coated in the proper seasoning can be mistaken for apple pie.


Cassie Staph and Cara Anzulewicz (left), and Marissa Galardi (right)


Marissa, Cassie, and Cara do the demo of how color affects flavor perception.  Kids were given different colored lemon drinks and were asked to guess the flavor.

  Matt Reynolds teaches the kids about different taste sensations.  He also lets them experience pure umami flavor (using glutamic acid), which was a new one for many of them!

Shannon Loftus demonstrates chemical irritation, using cinnamaldehyde (the primary flavor component of cinnamon) and shows how some flavors can elicit a burning sensation.


Erika Beyrent, Theresa Webster, and Haleigh McBride show the kids how different commercial products (soap, candy) are flavored and scented with pure chemicals.


All these students did this activity for no credit, nor did they do this to chalk up service hours.  They did this purely out of a passion for science, dedication to their community, and love for kids!


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