Dr. George Gomez

Courses that I teach


Among the tenets that drive my teaching philosophy is the idea that "the role of a teacher is not to cover material, but to UNCOVER it".Teaching is not about content delivery.  It is about teaching students how to think.  I apply this philosophy to my course, exams, and laboratory investigations.
In addition, I strongly believe thatstudents are responsible for their own education. While I can do my best as a teacher, I cannot force students to learn. Thus I do my best to excite the students about learning and discovery, and to arm them with necessary experience that will allow them to make their education a life-long experience. This includes providing experiences outside the classroom through research and travel courses.

My teaching responsibilities center on Cellular and Developmental Biology.  The courses that I regularly teach are:


In alternate years, I teach the three-week travel course to the Philippines during Intersession.

When needed, I will also teach other courses such as Neuroscience seminars or non-majors Biology courses.