Deuterated nitromethane was photolyzed when adhered to four salt films: NaCl, NaBr, KCl, and KBr. It was irradiated at three temperatures - 15 K, 50 K, and 100 K- and at three different wavelengths: 313, 254, and 200 nm. Resulting photoproduct peaks were identified as cis-CD3ONO, trans-CD3ONO, CD3NO, DNCO, DNO, trans-CD2(NO)OD, cis-CD2(NO)OD, N2O, D2CO, and CO. The relative absorbances of each photoproduct were normalized and plotted versus time of photolysis in the interest of detecting trends and comparisons were made. Primary and secondary mechanisms for photolysis were constructed by following these absorbances as a function of temperautre, irradiation wavelength, and substrate.

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