Trifluoronitrosomethane ( CF3NO ) was adsorbed onto condensed substrates ( N2 , O2 , and N2O ) in the temperature range of 10 - 50 K. We then irradiated the molecule with laser energy at wavelengths of 633 nanometers and 670 nanometers. Quantum efficiencies were calculated in the attempt to draw some conclusions about the kinetics of ( CF3NO )2 photodimer production. In addition, we wrote a computer program that estimates the energy barrier (Ea) to translation of the molecule from one site on an inert gas crystal, argon in this case, to another site. We believe Ea to be the activation energy for the dimerization of a CF3NO molecule in the first excited state and another CF3NO in the ground state. We have concluded that the kinetic model that we are using is not entirely adequate.

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