In this research project, three different methyl halides, CH3F, CD3F, and CH3Cl, were placed on KCl, KBr, NaCl, and NaBr surfaces. These methyl halides are used to test the theoretical and experimental approaches to the problems dealing with vibrational phenomena. When the temperature was increased, some of the bands attributed to C-H vibrations would broaden. The methyl vibrations of each halide on the different salt films were examined to observe any changes that might have occurred along with vibrational dephasing that was the result of an increase in temperature. These results were compared to other experiments dealing with methyl rotors to observe if there were any similarities. Spectra of each methyl halide on the different alkali halides were obtained and comparisons were made with frequencies stated in the literature and in previous experiments. Rate constants and activation energies for desorption of each methyl halide from the different salt films were also determined.

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