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Beyond the Commons

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Last fall, as the Class of 2011 prepared to face a bittersweet senior year, they turned to Scranton graduates for a little advice on how to live "beyond the Commons."  

Working with the Alumni Board of Governors and the Office of Alumni Relations, an enthusiastic group of seniors piloted this informal dinner series with hopes of giving their classmates an opportunity to dine with alumni in a casual atmosphere and ask questions about working, moving, saying goodbye, and more.

By the time they graduated in May, more than 150 seniors had shared a meal with alumni as part of the “Beyond the Commons” program. Discussion topics ranged from "Working on Wall Street" to "Cocktail Party Etiquette" and "How to Move Out of Your Parents' House and Stay Out." A total of 15 dinners took place at local Scranton restaurants with 30 different alumni volunteering their time and words of wisdom.

"I went to plenty of the Scranton business events when in college and I never heard anyone ask about how a relationship with parents can change after graduation, or what's the best way to keep in touch with friends when everyone is not within a few-minute walk. I think questions like those are important; they're not addressed in the classroom, and Beyond the Commons is one of the few places that I'm aware of where students have free range to ask questions like that." - John DeGroat '07

Make this experience possible for the Class of 2012. Your gift will help provide an invaluable resource for a senior who is about to make the life-changing transition from Scranton student to Scranton graduate.

Thank you for your support. Visit the Beyond the Commons website to learn more about the program.