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Be Brilliant

Be Brilliant


Scranton students have a passion for learning. They connect with faculty, alumni, the community and each other, becoming better students in the process. Take a look at some of the programs that allow our students to excel at Scranton and after graduation.

Special Jesuit Liberal Arts Honors Program (SJLA)

SJLA Honors students fulfill their general education credits in a community atmosphere that encourages excellence and service to others. Fifty to 60 of the most able freshmen are selected each year for this four-year program.

Honors Program

Honors students take seminars together and work one-on-one with professors in tutorials. The program culminates with a senior creative or research project. Forty to 50 of our most able freshmen are accepted each spring, and the program is open to all majors.

Business Leadership Honors Program

Business Leadership Honors students explore concepts of leadership through special seminars and courses in management, ethics, strategy and analysis. Open to all majors, this highly selective program accepts 15 sophomores each spring.

Faculty-Student Research

The Faculty/Student Research Program (FSRP) gives you an opportunity to be involved in faculty research in fields as diverse as the natural sciences, humanities, social sciences and business. The outcomes of these collaborations make their way into prestigious journals or presentations at national conferences.

Academic Clubs and Honor Societies

Our students participate in more than 30 clubs related to academic majors or programs. In addition, we recognize the achievement of our students through membership in one of more than 30 national honor societies representing a range of academic disciplines.

Study Abroad

On average, more than 200 Scranton students study abroad each year. The most popular destinations are Australia, England, Ireland, Italy, Mexico and Spain.

Prestigious Fellowships and Scholarships

fulbrightIn the last 10 years, Scranton students earned five Truman Scholarships and 10 Goldwater Scholarships. Since 1972, 139 graduates of The University of Scranton have earned a Fulbright or other international fellowship award to support a year of study outside of the United States.


In the past two years, Scranton students have completed internships for credit at 380 organizations in 12 states. Students participate in both credit and non-credit internship experiences. The Office of Career Services provides assistance to students looking to secure internship placements in Northeastern Pennsylvania and across the nation.