Dinner with 12 Strangers

Dinner with 12 Strangers

Questions Answered

If you love to throw a great dinner party or just want to meet students and faculty, this is your chance. We hope the following information will persuade you to participate in this initiative. If you’re still hesitating for any reason, give us a call!

  • How do I participate as a host?plus or minus

    The program format is simple! Local alumni (or alumni willing to come back to the area), staff and faculty are invited to host dinners, at no cost to their guests, for about 10 students and a couple of faculty and/or staff members (keeping the dietary needs of participants in mind). If you don't have room for 12, feel free to host a smaller dinner. These gatherings can be as formal or casual and can take place in the host's home or at a local restaurant. 

  • What kind of support will I receive?plus or minus

    When alumni sign up to host a dinner, they decide

    - a location
    - number of guests
    - plan the menu
    - and enjoy the evening.

    The Office of Alumni Relations will take care of the logistics—sending out the invitations to students with the time and location of their dinner, to facilitate the process.

  • What are the benefits of being a host?plus or minus

    The program is designed to be as rewarding for the hosts as it is for the students. This is the perfect opportunity to share your experiences and connect with members of the Scranton community.

    Alumni who participate will be given an in-kind gift credit for the cost of the dinner.

  • Can I co-host a dinner?plus or minus

    Absolutely! To cut costs, consider co-hosting with a group of friends from your class! A co-host typically helps with meal expense and preparation, interaction with guests and clean-up.

  • Where do I sign-up?plus or minus

    Registration for the Spring 2014 dinners has ended.

    Student sign-up (February 2014)