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Frank J. O’Hara Awards

The O’Hara Awards, named for the late administrator who served The University of Scranton for 53 years, recognize alumni and others who have achieved distinction in their professions or personal endeavors. The O’Hara Award is the highest honor bestowed jointly by the University and its Alumni Society. Since 1981, the University and its Alumni Society have honored 273 people with O’Hara Awards.  The awards are presented annually during Reunion weekend.

The 2012 O'Hara Award recipients will be announced in March.

Alumni Achievement Awards

Alumni Achievement Awards are presented, as the occasion permits, to alumni being recognized for promotions, anniversaries, retirements, on-campus speaking engagements and similar events for which the University takes pride in recognizing distinguished and exceptional attainments which reflect substantial credit on the University. The selection process generally begins with a recommendation from the Office of Alumni Relations (recommendations are welcome from the Alumni Board and alumni-at-large) for approval by the Vice-President for Alumni and Public Relations. The framed certificate bears the signatures of both the Alumni Society President and the University President.

Alumni Awards for Loyalty and Service

Alumni Loyalty and Service Awards are presented annually to two members of the senior class who have demonstrated meritorious efforts in enhancing club activities, promoting good will on campus, establishing rapport with the community, exhibiting academic excellence and rendering exceptional service to the University. Each Spring, members of the University community (faculty and professional staff) are invited to submit nominations from the College of Arts & Sciences, the Kania School of Management and the Panuska College of Professional Students. Those students receiving the highest number of nominees are then presented to the entire Senior Class for a vote. The voting takes place during the two-day Grad Finale celebration for the graduating class. Award criteria for a member of the College of Graduate and Continuing Education have been established and selected by the CGCE Dean. Both awards are presented at Class Night Exercises during Commencement Weekend.