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Without Scranton, ______________

Without Scranton, ______________

The beauty of social media is simple. When it’s free of self-promotion and spam messages, there’s a real opportunity to connect with people you know – or hardly know – about a topic you truly care for. 

As recent graduate Nina Giordano ’12 also found out, social media is a great way to earn an “A.”

For her final assignment in her “Magazine Writing” class with Howard Fisher, Ph.D., assistant professor of communication, Giordano posed a simple, open-ended question on Facebook, “Without Scranton, __________?”

She invited everyone she knew to respond honestly and to pass the question on to their Scranton friends. Nearly 50 comments later Giordano had all the content she needed for the project. 

The responses came in bunches, seemingly all of them with the same sentiments – “Without Scranton, I would not have become the person I am today.” In fact, that’s exactly how Nadia Korsun ’15 answered.

Added Jen Villare ’12: “Without Scranton, I would accept things at face value, and would not have the confidence and knowledge to challenge and change the world.” 

A vast majority of posters fell into three categories. The first group said Scranton gave them the strength to question preconceived thoughts. The second explained Scranton changed their outlook on life. The final group praised the University for cultivating lifelong friendships.

Amanda Loyden Mohn ’04, G’08 falls into the third category, crediting Scranton for bringing her and her husband, Kenneth ’04, together. Lisa Giordano ’15 does too, explaining that Scranton gave her an opportunity to get to better know her sister – the project creator.

While most of the responses tended to be serious, others were lighthearted. One person – who shall remain nameless –
said without Scranton they would have never enjoyed such delicious turkey paninis. Another thanked Scranton for the DeNaples Center’s “Upscale Wednesdays.” There’s one – or two – in every group, isn’t there?

Because social media is so personal, people tend to open up and share more of themselves than they would in an ordinary interview, points out Nina Giordano. Social media breaks the ice.

“For projects like this, Facebook and other social media are the way to go. Without it, I would not have been able to reach so many people,” she says.

“The project really took on a life of its own.”

With so many comments, it’s hard to pick one that stands above the rest, though the following response from Maggie Coyne ’12 could be considered. “Without Scranton, I would allow myself to settle for less than extraordinary in relationships, career, and faith,” she explains. 

Have you ever considered how your life would be different “Without Scranton?”  

'Without Scranton' Responses

 Without Scranton, I never would have realized that it’s okay to make mistakes as long as I’m willing to learn from them and let them make me a better person. – Kathleen Kardos ’12

Without Scranton, I would have never been able to become the woman I am today. I have grown so much in my faith and in my love, and I now realize that we are all capable of going out and setting the world on fire.  – Hillary Fanelli ’12

Without Scranton, I would never have known that with love, it is possible to change the world. – Michael Wiencek ’12

Without Scranton, I would have always taken life for face value and would never have been challenged to question it. – Liliana Castro ‘12

Without Scranton, I would have never met some of the most interesting people, some of which I know will be lifelong friends. – Caitlin Thompson ’12

Without Scranton, I would have never met the people that have made me a better person. – Jessica DiFuria ’15

Without Scranton, I would not be as open to other points of view. – Brian Riordan ’12

Without Scranton, I would not have gained the confidence I have now and the hope I have for the future. – Courtney Rewick

Without Scranton, I would have not learned to value the important people in my life. – Ally Zingarelli ’15

Without Scranton, I would never have met my best friends in the world. – Nicole Allison

Without Scranton, I would not have learned how to love with my whole heart. – Veronica Dress ’12

Without Scranton, I would not have the courage to take risks I have taken, the humility to accept the gifts I have been given, and the opportunity to be who I have always meant to be. – Kelly Zimmermann

Without Scranton, I wouldn’t have met so many amazing people. – Connor Brogan

Without Scranton, I would have never learned all of the things I am truly capable of.  : ) – Kelly Crowley

Without Scranton, I would not have found my vocation to the Jesuits. – Danny Satterfield ’13

Without Scranton, I would have never have become the person I was meant to be. – Denise Henry ’12

 Without Scranton, I wouldn’t have aspired to be the nurse I’m going to be when I graduate ... ready and willing to serve with everything I have.   – Kelly Ann

Without Scranton, I never would have realized my passion to become a woman for and with others. – Cara Brindley ’12

Without Scranton, I wouldn’t have learned what it means to be true to yourself. – Shane Alton ’15

Without Scranton, I never would have realized how strong of a person I am and how much I have to offer. – Adaeze‘Dezi’ Anosike’12 

Without Scranton, I wouldn’t love college more than any of my friends. Life’s great here. – Mike Morris ’15

Without Scranton, I may never have learned how to welcome others into my heart. – Katie Lorraine

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