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Beyond the Numbers: Gretchen Kempf '13

Beyond the Numbers: Gretchen Kempf '13

Gretchen Kempf '13 

Year: Senior
Hometown: Warrington
Position: Forward
Major: Occupational Therapy

Q: After recording 16 goals and 34 points last season, you were named Landmark Conference Offensive Player of the Year. What’s your secret to scoring goals? 

A: You just have to take every opportunity you get. Not every chance to score is going to be set up perfectly for you; sometimes you just have to push through traffic and take challenging shots. The more shots you take, the more goals you’ll score. It also helps to have talented, hard-working teammates! 

Q: What is your worst field hockey-related injury? Those sticks have to hurt!

A: During an away game during my sophomore year, I got hit in the face with a ball and I broke my nose.  During that same season, I also pulled both of my quads and hip flexors and dislocated a finger. 

Q: You’ve tallied 26 career goals at Scranton, the eighth highest total in school history. Which one is most memorable?

A: A goal I shot from 10 feet out in front of the net in this season’s game against Juniata stands out as one of the few “pretty” goals I’ve ever scored. More often than not, I end up sprawled on the turf or in a pile of bodies after a shot on goal!

Q: When did you start playing field hockey?

A: I started playing in seventh grade, but I didn’t like it right away. In fact, for the first two weeks, I begged my mom every day to let me quit.

Q: When did you realize you wanted to play field hockey in college?

A: During junior year in high school, when most players are starting the college recruiting process, my mind was set against playing a sport in college. It wasn’t until my senior year, when my high school team made it to the Final Four in the state field hockey tournament, that I changed my mind. I knew at the end of that experience that I wasn’t ready to hang up my stick just yet. 

Q: You were also named to the Landmark Conference Academic Honor Roll last season. Give us a tip on juggling athletics and academics.

A: Playing on a sports team keeps me on top of all my schoolwork. When you know you are going to have to devote several hours every day to practice or games, you’re motivated to get all your schoolwork done in advance of your athletic commitments. I’m actually a bit nervous about how I will manage my time in graduate school when I won’t have field hockey to help me.

Q: What is the most challenging course you’ve taken at Scranton?

A: Neuroanatomy – by a very slim margin over my other science courses.

Q: What is your favorite place on campus?

A: The DeNaples Center. I love seeing and talking with friends there; plus, I love to eat! The food is awesome.

Q: Who was your favorite athlete growing up?

A: David Beckham

Q: Facebook or Twitter?

A: Twitter

Q: Favorite movie?

A: Step Brothers

Q: Favorite musician or musical group?

A: It’s a toss-up between Rihanna and Coldplay.

Q: Tell us one thing only friends and family know about you?

A: One of my front teeth isn’t real and – surprise! – it has nothing to do with a field hockey injury.

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