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Building a Legacy

Building a Legacy
Alumni parents and their students who are members of the Class of 2015 gathered with University President Kevin P. Quinn, S.J., during Fall Welcome Weekend in August.

For many of our alumni, a Scranton education is a family tradition. This fall, 73 daughters and sons of Scranton alumni – including 11 from alumni couples – entered the University. Their parents and, in some cases, grandparents are among the 44,000 alumni who have chosen Scranton for their education. Pictured are the members of the Class of 2015 who are following in the footsteps of their parents who are Scranton alumni.

Class Year, Alumnus/Alumna, Current Student

1988, Michael A. Allegra, Ashley Allegra
1989, Christopher D. Andres, M.D., Christopher Andres
1989, Lynn King Andres, Christopher Andres
G2001, Mary Kay Daniels Aston, Elizabeth Aston
1983, Joseph P. Bannon, M.D., Margaret Bannon
1984, Tracy Farrell Bannon, Margaret Bannon
1988, Paul W. Bisio, M.D., Ryan Bisio
1989, Susan Sabo Bisio, Ryan Bisio
1979, Rosemary Laskowski Boniello, Luke Boniello
1985, Samuel R. Borgia, Samuel Borgia
1976, John D. Breslin, Joseph Breslin
1981, Gary C. Burke, D.O., Connor Burke
1984, JoAnn Negvesky Burke, D.O., Christopher Burke
1986, William P. Burke, William Burke
1984, Christine Hand Carlin, Erin Carlin
1984, Gregory J. Carlin, Erin Carlin
1985, Maureen Ryan Castaldi, Tracy Castaldi
1977, John R. Cavanaugh, Jacqulyn Cavanaugh
1984, Joseph J. Cleary, Maria Cleary
G1980, Brian P. Conniff, Ph.D., Rachel Conniff
1988, Maria French Coutts, Anna Coutts
1990, Frank N. Crispino, Matthew Crispino
1988, Kevin J. Cronin, Michelle Cronin
1977, William J. Dempsey, M.D., Hayley Dempsey
1982, John J. Dermigny, D.O., Peter Dermigny
1996, Matthew J. DiLiberto, Ashley Shimansky
1982, Richard Digiovine, Corrine Digiovine
1988, Elaine Edson Dignam, Zachary Dignam
1986, Joseph J. Dignam, Zachary Dignam
1973, Gerard J. Dougher, Ashlee Dougher
1995, James M. Dougher, Lauren Dougher
1988, Roseanne Schmieder Farrell, Ashley Allegra
1989, Deborah Baigis Flint, Matthew Flint
1990, Laurence E. Flint, M.D., Matthew Flint
1982, Michael A. Genello, Maria Genello
1987, Susan E. Giambrone, Kellia Giambrone
1977, Patrick J. Grady, M.D., John Grady
1973, Richard E. Gratz, M.D., Tyler Gratz
1980, William B. Harding, Timothy Harding
1978, Marc E. Herold, Brianna Herold
1982, Barbara Magliaro Hollawell, Jacqueline Hollawell
1982, John W. Hollawell, Jacqueline Hollawell
1983, Kevin G. Holmes, Ryan Holmes
1988, G2005, Judy Strenkoski Hurley, Austin Hurley
1987, G1999, Donald J. Kanavy, Jacob Kanavy
1987, Laura Bevlock Kanavy, Jacob Kanavy
1986, G1991, Deanna A. Klingman, Justin Klingman
1993, James M. Lajeunesse, Kathryn Lajeunesse
1993, Jeannine Bernier Lajeunesse, Kathryn Lajeunesse
1976, RoseMarie Lally-Doyle, John Doyle
1985, Nancy Adams Larralde, Melissa Larralde
1985, Jacalynne Majez Lopata, Kory Lopata
1983, David J. Lopatofsky, M.D., Tyler Lopatofsky
1981, Stephen R. Luciani, Nina Luciani
1984, Theresa Jackson Magee, Charles Magee
2007, Erin A. Maguire, Michael Maguire
1975, George S. McCrosson, Michael McCrosson
G1992, Maria E. Montenegro, Ryan Holmes
1981, John A. Morano, Zachary Morano
1983, Vincent M. Munley, Devon Munley
1968, G1978, Louis E. Nykaza, Travis Nykaza 
1987, Jacqueline Christie O’Gorman, Shannon O’Gorman
1986, Maria Nardone Olsakowski, Melissa Olsakowski 
2008, Todd T. Parry, Angela Parry
1982, Margaret A. Philbin, Nicholas Philbin
2006, Mary Ellen Turlip Pichiarello, James Pichiarello
G1997, Carol A. Radle, Natalie Radle
1983, Michael J. Ricci, Anthony Ricci
1996, Bonnie J. Rotella, Aris Rotella
1986, Roberta Lynch Ruskowski, Margaret Ruskowski
1986, Harry B. Strickland, Hayden Strickland
1982, Mary Reynolds Sullivan, Timothy Sullivan
1980, Patricia A. Sullivan, Julianne Leist
1982, Peter A. Thomas, Michael Thomas
1985, G2009, Lisa Shewack Thurston, Catherine Thurston
1976, Marcia J. Trignano, Marc Trignano
1983, G1989, Diana Moore Trygar, Ashley Trygar
1984, G1989, Richard M. Trygar, Ashley Trygar
1977, W. Michael Umerich, D.D.S., Michael Umerich
1985, Kathleen Harris Walker, Michael Walker
1975, Robert S. Wallis, Karsten Wallis
1976, Paul D. Wisowaty, David Wisowaty
1991, Karin Kuhn Wrightson, Victoria Wrightson
1972, Philip E. Yevics, Ph.D., Edward Yevics

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