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Council of Alumni Lawyers








University Staff Contact
Lynn King Andres ’89
Assistant Director, Alumni Relations
(570) 941-4142

Council of Alumni Lawyers


The mission of the Council of Alumni Lawyers (CAL) is to promote the educational and professional development of undergraduate students who plan to enter the field of law, through educational initiatives, assistance with networking and internships, and guidance on law school admissions.  The CAL also encourages greater involvement by alumni lawyers in the University community by sponsoring continuing legal education courses, seminars on legal developments, providing professional networking opportunities, and encouraging financial support for the University from its lawyer alumni.  The CAL serves to provide a career long association with the University of Scranton in furtherance of the education received by its members at the University.

Chair: Jack Gallagher, Esq. ’69      

Vice-Chair: Judge Jim Gibbons ’79  

Population:  1,507 University of Scranton Alumni Lawyers

Highest Concentration of lawyers:

  • NEPA (Lackawanna, Luzerne, Monroe, Pike, Susquehanna, Wayne, Wyoming): 424
  • New York Region: 262
  • Philadelphia Area:  273
  • Washington DC Region:  120

Alumni from classes 2006-2009 enrolled in Law School:  82