Who Will Win the Shamrockin’ Cup?

This year Shamrockin’ Eve is having its first ever Class Competition! All classes from 2004 to 2013 will be competing against one another to see which class will have the highest number of donors (regardless of gift size) between February 1st and March 14th! We will accept donations right up until 10:00 pm on Shamrockin’ Eve when we will make an announcement of the winning class.

The winning class will have bragging rights as the class that loves Scranton the most, and receive an engraved trophy that will be put on display on campus, and be celebrated in the Scranton Journal and the Royal News. Make a gift today!

    Class of 2012 wants the Cup!

    Class Cup

    Small Change Leads to Big Change
    We know that some of you are still paying off student loans and can’t afford to make a large donation all in one go, so we encourage you to join your peers and try our monthly credit card payment. While $12.50 per month doesn’t seem like a lot of money, over the period of year it adds to $150! $150 can make a big difference in a student’s life, buying a biology textbook, paying for a student to go on a retreat, or even funding a new uniform for a member of the basketball team. So simply skip a few Frappuccinos once a month and you can help make a difference in a student’s life today!