It's Your Reunion

It's Your Reunion

Plan to return to campus to celebrate your Reunion on June 12-14, 2015.  Until then, there are a few things you can do:

  • Join Your Class Committeeplus or minus

    Volunteering for your class committee is fun and easy. As a member of your class committee your number one responsibility is contacting your Scranton friends to encourage them to attend reunion.

    Committee members typically meet for an hour, once per month via conference phone and then spend additional time contacting Scranton friends. If they choose to, committee members can also work on special projects such as writing letters and emails, creating websites and social media pages, and planning their class dinner.  We also hope committee members will make a gift to the University during their Reunion year and encourage classmates to do the same.

    Interested in helping to make Reunion a success? Email

  • Let Your Friends Know You Plan On Attendingplus or minus

    Select your class:

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  • Share "Your Scranton Story"plus or minus

    story We'd love to hear your Scranton story!  
    Submit your story for The University's 125th Anniversary.
  • Browse University Yearbooksplus or minus

    The Weinberg Memorial Library presents a digital collection of University of Scranton Yearbooks, published between 1916 and 2007. 
  • Read The Aquinas Archivesplus or minus

    aquinas The Weinberg Memorial Library presents The Aquinas online archives.
    Search by date, browse by subject.