Aja Wentum '13

Aja profile picture.JPG
  • Ghana
  • Class of 2013
  • Program of study: MBA (Finance/ Marketing)
  • President of The Graduate and Continuing Education Student Organization
  • International Students Club

When did you begin studying in the United States of America?

I moved to the United States as an exchange student in 1993.

Why did you choose The University of Scranton? 

My sister lives in Scranton and invited me to try it back in 2004 when I needed a fresh start on life.

What do you like best about Scranton? 

The location and affordability. Lastly, I have made great friends who I now consider family for life.

What have your relationships with professors been like? 

Amazing! Most professors enjoy my discussions and contributions in class and are always helpful when I seek their assistance in anything, not necessarily academic stuff. 

In general, how has your academic experience been at Scranton?

I loved my time here as an undergraduate, though I wasn't involved much because I was a commuter. Now, I am enjoying my graduate school experience and participating in a lot of activities, especially with various clubs on campus, such as the International Students Club, the MBA Club, etc.

What do you do for fun? 

I play basketball, soccer, watch movies with friends, organize activities for international students, and go out every now and then to eat and hang out.

What is your favorite spot on campus? 

Brennan Hall is my favorite spot on campus because I'm always on the internet. I like the 5th floor in the library as well because it is quiet and I can study. Finally, I like hanging out at the International office "Red Room." It is almost like a lounge with gaming facilities, etc.

What has been your favorite class? 

I have a few favorites. For undergraduate, I loved "Logical and Rhetorical Analysis." For graduate school, I have enjoyed all my finance classes but especially, "Responsibility, Sustainability & Justice," "Accounting for Managers," and "Supply Chain/Project Management."

How has the Jesuit philosophy of “men and women for others” shaped your Scranton experience? 

I volunteer every time I get the opportunity. I volunteered during the flood in NEPA and usually volunteer at the Scranton Rescue Mission on the third Sunday of the month.

What are your career goals? 

Eventually I want to run my own businesses, but in the interim, I would like to work as a Strategist, Business Consultant, or in Product/Brand Management or Customer Relations Management.

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