Saleh Almubdel ‘13

Saleh profile picture.JPG
  • Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Class of 2013
  • MBA (Accounting)
  • President of Saudi Students Club
  • International Students Club

Why did you decide to study in the United States of America?

I believe the United States is one of a few countries around the world that offers a great educational system. It was a great opportunity for me to select the U.S. and learn more about a new culture.

Why did you choose Scranton?

I selected The University of Scranton because of the great programs they have to offer. Also, the atmosphere in the city of Scranton, nice weather, beautiful landscape, and friendly people were very important aspects in my decision.
What was it like coming from your country to Scranton?

It was challenging at first; however, the wonderful staff at The University of Scranton helped me out a lot.

What was your biggest surprise about U.S. life and education?

The education system is different in the U.S. than back home in Saudi Arabia. The professors here are very close to the students; also, the education is very updated. The technology and the facilities on the campus are very impressive.
What do you like best about Scranton?

I mostly like the people, atmosphere, and the historical site of Scranton.
How easy or difficult was it to make new friends in the U.S.?

Once I engaged the student organizations within The University of Scranton, such as, the International Students Club and Saudi Students Club, it was very easy to meet people and make new friends.

What have your relationships with professors been like?

I have strong relationships with most of my professors. They are very nice and cooperative with their students.

In general, how has your academic experience been at Scranton?

My academic experience has been excellent. I have learned a lot of new things that will help to enhance my ability academically.

What do you do for fun?

I go to the gym and play some sports. Horseback riding is my favorite sport.

What is your favorite spot on campus?

The DeNaples Center and the gym.

How has the Jesuit philosophy of “men and women for others” shaped your Scranton experience?

I'm from a Muslim background, and I find the Jesuit philosophy very helpful. It helps to have self-knowledge and self-control. It also allows me to concentrate on my own experience and others and trust in God's direction of our lives.
What is your advice to other students who are considering Scranton?

The University of Scranton would be the ideal choice for everyone. The school has a great education system and an excellent reputation outside. I wouldn't hesitate to consider The University of Scranton for your education. 

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