High School Scholars Application Information

Offered to rising juniors and seniors who have demonstrated strong achievement in high school, The University of Scranton High School Scholars Program offers local students the opportunity to earn college credits at a greatly reduced rate. Courses are the same as those offered to college students, giving high school students an opportunity to experience college-level work before their first year.

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Program Guidelines

  • Applicants should be local high school students who have completed their sophomore or junior year with a minimum of a 3.3 (B+) grade point average.
  • Students may take one course each term – Fall, Spring, Summer I, Summer II – until they graduate from high school.
  • Students may enroll for a maximum of 3 credits per session. Individual exceptions may be made if GPA/SAT scores substantiate the request.
  • Registrations will be processed on a space available basis. Students will be responsible for tuition and applicable fees.
  • Successfully completed courses (C or better) are given University of Scranton credit, typically 3 credits per course, and are accepted toward a degree at The University of Scranton.
  • Courses may be taken for credit at a special tuition rate of $175 per credit (over 80% less than the regular tuition rate).

Application Requirements

In order to apply for the High School Scholars Program, students must submit:
  • Completed application: Click here to download application.
  • Official high school transcript
  • Course-specific recommendation from your high school guidance counselor
  • PSAT/SAT scores (if available)

Please note: Students enrolled in the High School Scholars Program for the Fall or Spring terms must update their High School Scholars applications with a new transcript, SAT scores (if available) and registration form in order to be able to register for High School Scholars classes in the summer term.

Important Information

Courses available are tentative, and are typically freshman-level courses. The current University of Scranton online catalog includes details regarding curricular requirements for University of Scranton degree programs and should be referenced to see how courses would apply toward a student's anticipated major. The courses offered during the High School Scholars program generally transfer to other regionally accredited colleges and universities; however, The University of Scranton cannot guarantee transferability. The University of Scranton also reserves the right to cancel any class at any time.

You can do a course search to check the availability of classes. If you have any questions about which courses to take, please contact Meg Cullen-Brown at (570) 941-6379 or email her.

Dual Enrollment Program

The University of Scranton, through our High School Scholars Program, maintains Dual Enrollment Agreements with a number of local high schools. For more information, please click here.

Diocesan College Scholarship Program

The University of Scranton, through our High School Scholars Program, participates in the Diocesan College Scholarship Program. This program provides Catholic high school seniors with the opportunity to participate in classes held at the University while simultaneously enrolled in high school.

Contact Information

High School Scholars
Admissions Information:
Brian Goldsack
Admissions Counselor
Office of Admissions, The Estate
The University of Scranton
Scranton, PA 18510
Phone: (570) 941-7406
Fax: (570) 941-5928
E-Mail: goldsackb2@scranton.edu
High School Scholars
Advising Information:
Virginia Rabush Egan
Academic Advisor
O'Hara Hall
The University of Scranton
Scranton, PA 18510