Paul Beining, S.J., Collection

Series 1 - Course Material
Box 1

This series consists of 27 folders containing exams, quizzes, articles, and syllabi from Father Beining’s various classes. The folders are arranged by class then year.

Biology 101, Fall 2001 Exams

Biology 101, Fall 2002 Exams

Biology 101, 2003 Exams

Biology 101, Handouts (miscellaneous)

Biology 101, Questions from the Textbook CD

Biology 141, General Biology, 1997 Syllabus & Exams

Biology 141, General Biology, Fall 1998 Exams

Biology 141, General Biology, Fall 1999 Exams

Biology 141, General Biology, Readings Fall 2000

Biology 142, General Biology, Spring 1998 Syllabus & Exams

Biology 142, General Biology, Spring 1999 Exams

Biology 142, General Biology, 1998-2000 Class Schedule

Biology 250, Microbiology, Fall 1999 Exams

Biology 250, Microbiology, Fall 2000 Exams

Biology 250, Microbiology, Fall 2001 Exams

Biology 250, Microbiology, Fall 2002 Exams

Biology 250, Microbiology 2002 Makeup Exams

Biology 250, Microbiology Fall 2003 Exams

Biology 250, Microbiology, Articles (various years)

Biology 344, Immunology, Articles (1992-2001)

Biology 344, Immunology, 1998-1999 Exams

Biology 344, Immunology, Spring 2000 Quizzes

Biology 344, Immunology, Spring 2001 Quizzes

Biology 344, Immunology, Handouts & Exams 2003

Biology 344, Immunology, Laboratory Exams/Quizzes

Biology 344, Immunology, Handouts (miscellaneous

Biology 344, Immunology, Lecture Notes

Series 2 - Research
Box 1

This series contains material related to Beining’s research and seminar topics. These 13 folders contain handwritten seminar lecture notes as well as grant proposals to several institutions.

Seminar Notes 1987

Department of Health of Human Services Seminar Notes, August 8, 1988

HIV Seminar Notes, June 16, 1989

Seminar Notes 1989

Lipopolysaccaride Seminar 1990

Seminar Notes 1991a

Seminar Notes 1991b

Immunity Seminar Notes, 1994

Research Proposal on ‘Polyphasic Taxonomy of Marine and Non-Marine Micrococci’

Assorted Notes from Different Texts

Research Grant Proposals to the National Institute of Health

Grant Requests

Assorted Faculty Grant Proposals

Series 3--University Committees and Administration
Box 1

This series consists of 13 folders related to University of Scranton committees and projects. Many of these documents are memos that Fr. Beining received during his tenure at the University.

University Academic Structure and Policy

Pro Deo Universitate Board of Directors

Middle States Evaluation 1998

Howard Hughes Grant 1997

Faculty Merit

Health Professions Evaluation Committee

Senior Honors Project

Block Scheduling

Faculty-Student Research Program

Distance Learning

Foreign Study for Students

Alpha Sigma Nu

Sigma Xi

Series 4--Biology Department Administration
Box 1 & 2

Series 4 consists of 9 folders that contain information related to administration, changes and procedures in the Biology Department.

Matching Grants for Biology Department 1974

Facilities Improvement Program

Department Budgets

Biology Graduate Program

Graduate Assistants

Biology Curriculum Changes

Job Applications 1998

Biology Courses Offered by Faculty 2001

Animal Research

Animal Research- IACUC Meetings

-70o Culture List

Laboratory Chemical Inventory

Body Fluid Experiment Guidelines

Radioisotope Usage Guidelines

Series 5 - Correspondence
Box 2

Series 5 consists of 3 folders of Beining’s correspondence. The first folder is a memo concerning scientific research, while the second folder is a correction Beining sent to the Philadelphia Inquirer. The last folder in this series is assorted personal correspondence.

Dov Correspondence

Philadelphia Inquirer

Assorted Personal Correspondence

Series 6 - Student Research
Box 2

Series 6 consists of 4 folders, each containing a former student’s paper. These papers were found among Fr. Beining’s other files. Other senior honor theses were found with his personal files, but they were removed to be placed in an already existing archival collection of senior theses. Those that were removed were: Michael Aboutanos (1988), Daniel T. Murphy (1993), and William Lynagh (1978).

Borland Lawrence M.

DeSantos, Richard J.

Loftus, Mary E.

Petroziello, Joseph M.

Series 7 - St. Joseph's College
Box 2

Series 7 consists of 3 folders whose material dates back to Beining’s time at St. Joseph’s College in Philadelphia.

Committee on Medical and Dental School Recommendations

National Science Foundation Grant

Atomic Energy Commission Grant

Series 8 - Research Material(assorted news articles by subject)
Box 2

Series 8
Research Materials
Box 2

This series contains news and journal articles pertaining to subjects Beining was personally interested in or published on. Articles on two of the topics (Plasmapheresis and Giardiasis) can be found in the Aquinas archives.

Plasmapheresis (1973)

Giardiasis (1984)

Morality of Professional Boxing

Illegal Drugs


Student Riots



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