Series 4: Scrapbooks and Plaques

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There are 10 scrapbooks and one oversize athletic director’s schedule book (1971-73). Six of the scrapbooks are general sports scrapbooks and one is specifically devoted to baseball. One covers the Sant’ Andrea Society (1954-59) and two document the Quarterback Club during the 1950s.

There are also about a half dozen plaques and framed photographs


Sant’ Andrea Society
General sports 1975-76
Quarterback’s Club
Baseball 1979
Quarterback’s Club
Athletic Director’s schedule book 1971-73 
General sports
Scranton Chamber of Commerce, 1969 Basketball Championship Award
General sports
Gene Mumford, UPI All American Basketball Team Award, with National Association of Basketball Coaches Award
General sports 1964-69 (majority basketball) Framed Photo, 1971 Wall of Fame
General sports
William Moore Football and Basketball coach 1916-1926, 1971 Wall of Fame Plaque
General sports
Merit Medal Winners, 1959-1973, Plaque 

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