Services & Policies - Winter 1992 - 1993

Media Changes

On Aug. 1. the Media Resources Center entered a new phase in its evolution as an instructional support system. With the advent of the campus integrated network, IGNET, and its video component, faculty and staff using video in support of classroom instruction or professional services can receive those materials via the network using a permanently mounted monitor in their classroom or office areas or having monitors, VCRs, 16 mm film projectors and other forms of equipment delivered to classrooms and office areas.
The campus radio station, satellite services, and a video bulletin board also are broadcast over the system. To facilitate the administration and operation of a somewhat more complex system, media production, services and delivery of equipment have been assigned to a new operation, the Office of Instructional Technologies under the supervision of Edward G. Conway, director of production and broadcast facilities.
Services such as slide production, transparency production, lamination, videotape duplication, and distribution of programs and equipment are handled from O.I.T. in the Gallery. Telephone Peg Hazen at 941-7469 (Office of Instructional Technologies) to schedule equipment and materials.
The maintenance of the collection and its development remain under the supervision of Margaret E. Craft, assistant director for special services of the Weinberg Memorial Library. The collection, individual and small group viewing and listening equipment, and audiotape duplication services are located in the newly designed Media Resources Collection area on the first floor of the Weinberg Memorial Library. Karen Heckman has joined the Library staff as media resources collection supervisor and is responsible for the viewing and listening area, the collection, and for securing rentals for instructional use.
New Media Resources Collections Supervisor
To suggest materials for preview or purchase, faculty and staff may contact their departmental library representatives, their department's subject bibliographer in the Library, or Craft or Heckman directly. The new Media Resources Collection number is 941-6330. These changes should result in more efficient service to the University community.
Margaret Craft