Research Tools - Winter 1992 - 1993

Statistics Data Now On CD

As an affiliate of the Pennsylvania State Data Center, the Weinberg Memorial Library receives a variety of statistical reports regarding state and federal issues.
Until 1990 these reports were traditionally received in print format. With the 1990 census, the U.S. Census Bureau has made a concerted effort to also offer the latest population statistics in computerized format. Computerization makes accessing minute data much easier and allows for more frequent updating.
Because the Library has the technology necessary for using this new format, the State Data Center has been most generous in supplying us with the 1987 Economic Census, the County and City Data Book, the 1990 Census of Population and Housing, and a variety of other useful statistical products in compact disk format.
If you would like to find statistics based on the 1990 Census for various regions or topics, simply request the disk at the Reference Desk on the second floor.of the Library. We will install the product on a stand-alone workstation and you may print or download any of the data you retrieve.
We are continuously updating the disks with more current data and receiving new products from the Data Center. The 1992 Statistical Abstract is currently on order and should prove to be a definite enhancement to our ever-growing collection of computerized sources.
Betsey Moylan