Research Tools - Winter 1992 - 1993

UnConver Database Now Available

The Weinberg Memorial Library recently began subscribing to UnCover, a new current contents database of approximately 12,000 unique journal titles held by libraries in the CARL (Colorado Association of Research Libraries) System.
As CARL receives an issue of a journal, information from the table of contents is keyed into the database. Over 60,000 articles are added annually. The time period covered is 1988 to the present.
A user can search by keyword from article titles or summaries that appear on the title page or by the author's personal name. Another search strategy is to browse by journal title. Once a citation is identified, the table of contents for the identified issue can be displayed. Specific article citations can he retrieved by either method. There is no fee for searching, browsing, downloading, or printing citations. Once the citations have been identified, the user may use existing Interlibrary Loan procedures to obtain copies of those articles not owned by the Library.
A companion service, UnCover2, provides document delivery by allowing the user to charge the article to his/her personal Visa or Mastercard. The Library can set up deposit accounts for faculty who will be charging articles to a grant. Articles are faxed within 24 hours on Monday through Thursday and from 8 a.m. to noon on Friday. Articles ordered on weekends enter a queue and may take longer than 24 hours to be faxed. If you choose to use the Library's fax, the number is 717-941-4002.The system makes five attempts to complete the transmission. If it is unsuccessful, UnCover dials the telephone number included in the requestor's address. (NOTE: There is a cost for this service that includes a flat fee to UnCover of $6.50 plus varying copyright charges imposed by the owner of the copyright. The average cost is $10 per journal article.)
The system can be accessed from a terminal in the Reference Department or via the campus network. To access UnCover via a VAX connection, type "telnet" via a PC, type "tn". Terminal type emulation is VT100. Choose UnCover from the menus (2 on the first menu; 50 on the second menu). The user identification password is Jerome.
Document delivery is a new and expanding technology. UnCover has developed enhancements such as boolean searching in recent months. To learn more about this feature, type "?b" at the prompt. Other vendors are entering the market with competing products. User feedback will be valuable in determining the type of services the Library will pursue in the future.
For additional information or to schedule a demonstration of searching techniques, please call the Reference Department at x4000.
Bonnie Strohl