Information Update - Winter 1992 - 1993

MSR: A Review

Every so often a reference book comes along that is not only invaluable for research, but enjoyable to browse. Such a book is Market Share Reporter, edited by Arsen J. Darnay (Detroit: Gale Research, 1991). MSR is an annual compilation of market share reports from the 1988-1990 period, presenting data on companies, products, services, and brands.
The value of this book to researchers in marketing is obvious as it draws together a great deal of data from a variety of periodicals and reports. It also gives the sources of the data, thereby possibly leading the researcher to other information.
For people, though, who don't even know what a market share is, the MSR is a surprisingly fascinating book to browse because it presents data on the popularity of various consumer products and brands. Everything is surveyed — from candy bars to computers, soft drinks to soaps — in easy-to-read charts and graphs. While brands are not rated (as in Consumer Reports), MSR does give one a feel for the marketplace of a particular product.
Market Share Reporter is available at the Reference Desk in the Library.
Kevin Norris
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