Events & Exhibits - Winter 1992 -1993

Our Thanks To Faculty Authors

Our thanks goes out to over 40 University of Scranton faculty and staff members who participated in the Dedication Program of the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Memorial Library by serving as part of the Honor Guard of University Authors and donating copies of their publications to the Library's Special Collections housed in the University Archives. The following contributed items which, along with previously collected materials, will form the University Authors Collection: Professors Patricia A. Bailey, Harold Baillie, David W. Black, Rebecca S. Beal, J. Brian Benestad, Alan Brumagin, Satya Chattopadhyay, James P. Buchanan, Michael C. Cann, Michael Carey, Timothy Casey, Joseph E. Dreisbach, Daniel V. Fraustino, David O. Friedrichs, Joseph A. Fusaro, Thomas M. Garrett, Len Gougeon. Ronald J. Grambo, Joyce Hanks, Marie T. Henehan, Frank X. Homer, Lawrence W Kennedy, Richard J. Klonoski, Jane Kopas, Georgia R. Narsavage, Jay Nathan, Charles R. Pinches, Robert Sadowski, Edward M. Scahill, Jr., Paul S. Shakesby, Albert Solomon, Michael A. Sulzinski, Daniel S. Townsend, Joe A. Vinson, David A. Wiley and Margarete L. Zalon.
These materials will be cataloged and placed in Special Collections and displayed on a rotating basis in one of the exhibit cases found in the University Archives or in the Heritage Room. Special Collections materials are available for use Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and at other times by appointment.
Faculty authors at dedication
 We are pleased to add these items to the collection as evidence of the scholarly contributions of our faculty and staff and look forward to adding more in the future to serve as resources for present and future students.
Dedication of the Weinberg Memorial Library

The support staff of the Library sponsored two well-attended and informative workshops this past spring. At one workshop Kathleen Kopcik of the Counseling Center spoke on dealing with difficult people. At the second, Shirley Adams, Ph.D., dean of Dexter Hanley College, and Tom Smith, also of the Counseling Center, addressed the issue of sexual harassment; Rosemary Sylvester of Affirmative Action was on hand to answer questions. Both sessions provided staff members with insights into improving problem behavior in the workplace. Bonnie Strohl facilitated a round table discussion on fundraising for academic libraries at the Fund Fare workshop sponsored by Library Administration & Management Association Fund Raising & Financial Development Section at the American Library Association in Miami, Ha. She is also a member of the Fund Fare Committee. Ms. Strohl is a member of the Reference & Adult Services Division Collection Development and Evaluation Committee which presented a program in Miami called "It's Not the Same Library Anymore: Electronic Access and Collection Evaluation," The Association for Library Collections & Technical Services Collection Management & Development Section Collection Development Policy and Planning Committee, of which she is a member, is issuing a series of "Provocations" intended to stimulate discussion of collection development trends and issues. Joe Fennewald attended the American Library Association Teleconference "Achieving Breakthrough Service in Libraries" at Scranton Public Library on May 12. The teleconference addressed the issues of increasing sensitivity in public service. Joe also attended the workshop at SUNY-Albany on May 20, "Forum for Library Instruction," which concentrated on how libraries teach Internet.
Margaret Craft