Information Update - Spring 2014

Information Literacy Stipend Recipients Announced

Four University of Scranton professors have been awarded Information Literacy Stipends to help them integrate information literacy learning outcomes into their courses.
Representing the College of Arts and Sciences are William (Clark) Wolf, an adjunct professor in the Department of Theology/Religious Studies, and Robert Waldeck, Associate Professor in the Biology Department. Professor Wolf has designed an assignment whereby students in Introduction to the Bible (T/RS 121) will effectively use appropriate secondary material that will enhance their understanding of Biblical texts. Librarian Donna Witek will provide an information literacy session to acquaint students with relevant online resources and she will also participate in assessing how students actively use the sources that they locate. Dr. Waldeck’s proposal is tied to the revision of the general biology laboratory curriculum and will therefore have an impact on all sections of the course. He will collaborate with librarian Betsey Moylan to provide students who take the General Biology Laboratory (BIOL 142L) with an effective method to locate, access, and evaluate biological data. A rubric will be created to assess six specific learning outcomes. Students will also be required to document their research process in a journal.
Two stipends have also been awarded to faculty in the Kania School of Management--John Ruddy, Faculty Specialist in the Accounting Department, and Satya P. Chattopadhyay, Associate Professor of Marketing. Professor Ruddy will collaborate with librarian Betsey Moylan to provide students in Financial Statement Analysis & Research (ACC463) and in Financial Reporting and Research (ACC 527) the skills necessary to conduct financial research. Professor Moylan will also be the cooperating librarian on Dr. Chattopadhyay’s stipend for FYS: Ideas of Business (BAUD 101x) that will require students to use relevant library resources to complete a term project on Jesuit diversity. Assessment of the information literacy outcomes will be completed via rubrics.
For more information, about the information literacy stipends, please contact Bonnie Oldham, Information Literacy Coordinator at 941-4000 or
Bonnie Oldham