Information Update - Spring 2014

Library Has Strong Judaic Studies Collection

Throughout the Weinberg Memorial Library’s 20th Anniversary celebration in 2012-2013, Dean Charles Kratz reflected on the idea of looking back while also looking forward, celebrating the history and traditions of the Library while also preparing to sustain and advance the Library’s role as a center for innovation, collaboration, and scholarship on campus.
The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Memorial Library has the strongest Judaic Studies Collection in Northeastern Pennsylvania. A search of the Library’s catalog for “Judaic Studies” retrieves an article from the Library’s digital collection from the December 1989 issue of The Record titled “University Receives $6 Million Gift.” The article includes a sketch of the design for the Weinberg Memorial Library, photographs of donor Harry Weinberg, and floor plans for the building. In addition to the donation for the construction of the building, The Weinberg Foundation gave $1 million for the creation of a Judaic Studies Institute. To read the article, click on the words “media file” in the catalog record.
Judaic Studies acquires most books published on Jewish history and thought, and is particularly strong in Holocaust studies and the history of anti-Semitism. The collection also benefitted from gifts we received, in particular from the library of the late Rabbi Milton Richman who led Temple Hesed, and from that of Rabbi Simon Shoop, who served as rabbi of Temple Israel and who taught the first Holocaust course at The University of Scranton.
The collection, housed on the fifth floor of the Library, includes numerous translations of classic Jewish texts including the Talmud, works of Maimonides, and the 16th century code of Jewish law by Rabbi Joseph Karo.
Bonnie Strohl