Information Update - Spring 2012

Library Green Team Continues to Strive for a More Sustainable Future

The Weinberg Memorial Library's Green Team, a group of library faculty, staff and students, whose mission is to educate about the importance of sustainability and lead by example, continues to help advance sustainability on campus and in the community. The efforts of the Green Team have not gone unnoticed and, in fact, have garnered considerable attention on campus. This year we put more focus on collaborating as much as possible with students, faculty and other campus constituents. The Green Team participated in the University's Diversity Fair, educating students about how living a more sustainable lifestyle helps out those who live in economically disparate areas. Team members volunteered to man a stand that displayed an educational poster of the Green Team's first year accomplishments and future plans. There we discussed sustainability with attendees, displayed the library's color coded recycling bins and explained what materials go in which bins. The team members also shared information that is not widely known about recycling: the caps on soda bottles are not recyclable, envelopes with windows and stapled papers can be recycled, newspapers go in a separate bin from office paper, and the disposable plastic coffee cups that students often try to recycle are usually not recyclable unless they are numbered as either the #1 or #2 type of plastic.
Later in the semester, majors in the Communications Department collaborated with the Green Team as part of a senior seminar project. The group chose to promote the use of reusable water bottles on campus and did so by placing displays throughout the library to dramatically depict the environmental effects of our widespread use of disposable water bottles. In order to help the cause, the Green Team sold their BPA-Free water bottles for a discounted price of $5 throughout the week. Shortly after the communications seniors had finished their project, the student organization, Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE), caught wind of the library's promotional sale and asked if they could do a similar project. SIFE promoted the sale of the Green Team's bottles through a variety of media all over campus and even invited Iggy, the school's mascot, to the library in order to encourage students to choose the sustainable route when quenching their thirst. The library will continue to reach out to various individuals for opportunities to collaborate and will of course be receptive to anyone reaching out to us.
Iggy, the University's mascot
The Green Team continues to lead by example, adding more color coded recycling receptacles throughout the building so that every corner should have a recycling bin in sight. In the near future, we hope to be able to take on some larger projects, possibly updating our now 20-year-old building so that it is more energy efficient. As always, the library will participate in the University's celebration of Earth Week by setting up displays throughout the building to promote sustainable practices within the building. In addition, the library is pleased to announce it will once again host an Environmental Art Show featuring various art forms submitted by our students, staff and faculty. Last year's art show was a huge success with nineteen artists displaying nature scenes, wildlife, environmental messages, and humanity's effect on the environment in the form of oil paintings, water colors, mixed-media, fiber art and photography. This year's art show is set to run from April 16 - 25 with a reception to celebrate the artists' work open to the public on the evening of Monday April 16. All artists, their families, the campus, and local community will be invited to attend and meet the artists. We hope to see you there.
George Aulisio