Services & Policies - Spring 2011

Best Place to Study on Campus" Just Keeps Getting Better

Since its "Grand Opening" on Sept. 22, 2010, complete with a ribbon cutting ceremony by Student Government President Rita DiLeo, the library's new "24-hour room" keeps improving. From its inception, the project was developed to meet the growing needs of students for more 24-hour study space in the library comparable to what is available in the Pro Deo Room. The new space has more than 100 seats available to accommodate researchers. Student security in the new space in provided through video surveillance, as well as the Royal Card swipe for after-hours entrance.
The new 24-hour room has been an "interactive space" where students' opinions have been gathered both formally, through the LibQual+ Survey, as well as informally by asking students to voice their opinions on white sheets of paper hung around the room with pens or by librarians doing on-the-spot opinion polls. Students have been asked to give their suggestions for future improvements, as well as current comments about the new space. The new furniture acquired for this space was a result of student input on what should be purchased.
The 24-hour room has become a "creative space" with the inclusion of the Photography Club's exhibit of students using the library's new "Text-a-Librarian" text messaging reference service. The best photos have been chosen to be part of the library's marketing campaign for this service. The library hosted two "Gaming Nights" during the fall 2010 semester in this space to entertain students and to help reduce stress.
The new 24-hour room is on the way to becoming a "green space" with the inclusion of a printer capable of two-sided printing, plenty of recycling bins, and a soon-to-be installed watering station so that students can fill up their water bottles, reducing the need to purchase bottled water, thus reducing the waste generated by empty plastic bottles.
The new room is a "mobile space" with new furniture that can be readily moved and reconfigured. The new furniture includes lounge chairs with cup holders and tablet arms, as well as tables on casters. It allows students to define the new space based on their needs. Café tables and stools add to the relaxing atmosphere. At the end of the fall 2010 semester, Student Government provided free coffee for students during finals..
The "Best Place to Study on Campus" is not only getting better, it's getting bigger. In spring 2010, the library acquired additional online access to many of the back volumes contained in its print journal collection. This will allow the new 24-hour room to expand the study space available to students through the removal of bound journals (and the shelving that holds them).
We recommend that you "watch this space" as it continues to improve and develop. Additional pictures of the new 24-hour room can be found on the library's blog, Infospot@WML (
Narda Tafuri