Information Update - Spring 2011

Introducing Our Staff: Pat Savitts

Patricia Savitts, supervisor of circulation and access services for the Weinberg Memorial Library, sees customer service as the main focus of her job. She continually tries to give our patrons, whether faculty, staff, students, prospective students and their parents, or the general public, the right answers when they approach the main desk in the library's lobby. This goal involves making sure that the support staff and work-study students, who help man the desk during the 90-plus hours of library operation, are up-to-date on all events, protocols and procedures, thus ensuring that everyone who greets a patron is well-informed and helpful. Since the library is located in the center of campus, it is often the place where visitors stop to seek
Pat Savitts
information about a building or a program they might be attending. Thus, it is important that anyone who staffs this desk be knowledgeable and welcoming. Knowing when and to whom to refer a question is also important in supervision of this desk. Pat sees continual training, good communication with all department in the library, and follow-up as the three keys to ensuring that this is the rule.
Customer service has always been the focus of Pat's career. Her first job in the Admissions Department at Mercy Hospital provided her with the foundation for helping people who required the right information and services for their particular need. Pat also worked in the Office of Parish Ministries at the Chancery of the Diocese of Scranton before coming to the Weinberg Memorial Library. She began her library affiliation as secretary to Dean Charles Kratz 13 years ago. She has worked in circulation and access services for seven years, becoming supervisor of the department in 2008. 
Because the circulation desk is the clearinghouse for almost all public services, Pat oversees a number of key activities. Photocopiers, printers and laptop computers present their own challenges, since anyone who has owned or operated said equipment knows that there are many variables in maintaining these necessary tools. Pat must make sure that supplies for the copiers and printers are well stocked. She serves as the main troubleshooter for all public access photocopiers, as well as the value transfer station, and works with library systems staff to keep laptops in working conditions at all times. Her other duties include hiring, training and scheduling work-study students to help staff the desk, overseeing print reserves, the charging and discharging of circulating materials, the pick-up of requested interlibrary loan and PALCI books, and, of course, collecting fines and sending overdue notices. When the new 24-hour space was opened this past fall, Pat took on the added responsibility of making sure that all access points are operational after regular library hours and upon opening in the morning. She is also trained on surveillance cameras for both 24-hour spaces. 
Pat resides in Clarks Summit with her husband, Walter Savitts, and is the proud mother of sons Patrick, Angelo and Michael (a recent graduate of the University's Nursing program) and daughter Lucy, who keeps Pat busy with three grandchildren - Lilly, A.J. and Adam. Pat has recently added knitting to her hobbies of sewing, gardening, decorating and baking. She takes full advantage of the University's Wellness Program, having participated in the Healthy Eating series and exercise classes offered after work. As a member of a large Irish family from West Scranton, Pat enjoys celebrating numerous holidays and birthdays with her mother and large extended family, as well as volunteering for St. Joseph Center's annual festival, the Race for the Cure and her church picnic.

Betsey Moylan