Information Update - Spring 2010

Technology on Your Own Terms 

     In Fall 2009, the Weinberg Memorial Library and the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence (CTLE) inaugurated a new series of workshops for University faculty and staff, called Technology On Your Own Terms. The purpose of the series is to introduce the University community to emerging technologies in a hands-on environment, in order to encourage innovation in the workplace and in the classroom.

     Technology On Your Own Terms kicked off on September 15, 2009, with a session on Twitter called "Tweet Your Words," taught by Digital Services Librarian Kristen Yarmey-Tylutki. Participants in the workshop created Twitter accounts, tweeted their first words, "followed" their neighbors, and learned how to search for useful information in the Twitterverse. A few weeks later, CTLE Instructional Technology and Enrichment Specialist Aileen McHale gave University faculty and staff a chance to "Curl Up with a Kindle," with a hands-on demonstration of the functions and benefits of the e-reader. Aileen also provided an overview of the e-book universe, discussing the advantages and disadvantages of different devices.

     In the second half of the semester, Technology On Your Own Terms workshops focused on managing and staying up-to-date with web-based content. Kristen led a session explaining Really Simple Syndication (RSS) and demonstrating how feed readers like Google Reader allow users to import, organize, search, and share news and articles from the web. The Library's Information Literacy Coordinator, Bonnie Oldham, then taught a workshop specifically for researchers, showing how RSS feeds and email alerts can be used to gather the latest scholarly content on specific topics.

     The four Fall 2009 Technology On Your Own Terms workshops being well received, the series continues in Spring 2010 with another four sessions. This semester, the first two workshops focus on digital photographs. CTLE Associate Director Eugeniu Grigorescu will start off the semester with "Pictures, Pictures Everywhere: The Magic of Compression," which will help participants organize, store, and compress the images captured on their digital cameras. In the next workshop, Library Computer Training Coordinator Vincent Yanusauskas will demonstrate how to share digital photographs with family and friends on the web, using Google's Picasa Web Albums. The Spring series will wrap up in April with two final workshops on current issues in technology. Public Services Librarian Donna Mazziotti will look at privacy in the digital age, walking participants through the details of customizing privacy settings on Facebook. Finally, Public Services Librarian George Aulisio will introduce the University community to wikis and show how they can be used for collaboration or for sharing personal content on the web.

Aileen McHale
Kristen Yarmey-Tylutki