Information Update - Spring 2010

Information Literacy Stipends for 2009-2010 Announced

     Charles Kratz, Dean of Library and Information Fluency, announced that a record number of Information Literacy Stipends have been granted by the Weinberg Memorial Library. Seven full-time faculty members will receive stipends of $1,000.00 each upon submission of their reports documenting the impact that the information literacy component had on student learning outcomes as identified in their stipend proposals.

     Two of the stipends are for courses that are being taught during the spring semester of 2010:

     Satya P. Chattopadhyay, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Management/Marketing, will use a rubric to assess the information literacy learning in Marketing Research (MKT 561). After a demonstration of advanced searching techniques by Librarian Mary Elizabeth Moylan, students will search library databases such as ABI/INFORM, Business Source Elite, and Lexis-Nexis for conceptual and operational definitions of a marketing concept. They will then critically review the data in a report utilizing correct American Marketing Association citation format.

     David Dzurec, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of History, and Librarian Kevin Norris will collaborate to integrate the following four critical information literacy skills for students in The Craft of the Historian (HIST 140): the ability to locate historical sources; the ability to evaluate the quality and reliability of any given source; the ability to recognize the difference between primary, secondary, and tertiary sources; and the ability to correctly format citations. Student learning will be assessed through a pre/post-test, a response paper on the importance of sources in historical research, and through a special focus on students' use of a variety of sources in their bibliographies.

     There are three courses being taught in the fall semester of 2010 for which stipends will be given:

     Aukje Lamonica, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Exercise Science and Sport, will collaborate with Librarian Bonnie Oldham to insert an information literacy component into Health Education: Theory, Research and Practice (CHED 310). Objectives include the ability to differentiate between popular and scholarly information, the ability to create effective search strategies, and the ability to select appropriate sources and develop criteria to evaluate these sources, and finally the ability to evaluate the contents of various Web sites. Students' ability to apply these skills will be evaluated through course assignments such as the presentation of a scholarly article that focuses on a behavioral theory, an extensive literature review of a health issue, and a media critique that demonstrates the influence media can have on the consumer.

     Students in Leadership in Occupational Therapy (OT 501) taught by Rita Fleming-Castaldy, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy, will develop fluency in information literacy in particular with regard to the acquisition of primary research skills. Dr. Fleming and Librarian Bonnie Oldham will collaborate to design a course specific assessment of the information literacy skills identified as essential for students to master using the information literacy standards of the Accreditation Council for OT Education and the ACRL Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education. This measure will include both Likert scale items and open-ended questions and will be administered as a pre/post-test.

     Renée Hakim, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Physical Therapy, will include an information literacy component in Neurological Physical Therapy II (PT 712). This assignment will model a lunch time in-service that practicing physical therapists would experience in the workplace. Librarian Bonnie Oldham will demonstrate how to find full-text articles using freely available Internet resources as well as resources available to American Physical Therapy Association members. Students will use a rubric to analyze and critique two relevant articles.

     The final two stipends are for courses that will be taught during the spring semester of 2011:

     Rhetoric and Social Media is a new course being designed by Teresa Grettano, Instructor of English, as a Special Topic in Writing (WRTG 284). She will collaborate with Librarian Donna Mazziotti to incorporate student learning outcomes for information literacy that include the ability to determine options that they have for communication and make effective choices based on their rhetorical situations, to engage in public discourse in informed, responsible ways, and to illustrate awareness of and respect for copyright standards and practices.

     Peter Leininger, Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy, will be collaborating with Librarian Bonnie Oldham to integrate information literacy objectives into Orthopedic Physical Therapy I (PT 713). After a demonstration of advanced searching techniques by Librarian Bonnie Oldham, students will search library databases such as CINAHL, PEDro, and Medline for information that will enable them to critically review orthopaedic assessment techniques and rehabilitation interventions. Dr. Leininger will compare the literature searching strategies and practices of the students in this class to those of students who have previously taken this class without a library faculty intervention with the expectation that there will be significant improvement from this class.

If you are interested in applying for an Information Literacy Stipend, you can view a past call for proposals at the following link:, or contact Bonnie Oldham, Information Literacy Coordinator, at for more details. The call for proposals for the 2010-2011 Information Literacy Stipends will be issued in early Fall 2010.
Bonnie Oldham