Information Update - Spring 2009

And Now the Past - Photos From the Digital Archives

The Weinberg Memorial Library continues to digitize the University Archives' rich collection of photographs. Plans are underway to make the digital images available to the public online in the near future. In the meantime, can you help us identify and describe some of our "mystery" photos? If you see any familiar faces, please let us know by calling the University Archives at (570) 941-7002. You can also see these photos and more on our Flickr page,
Construction site
We know a few of the men in this photograph: at center is Vice President Joseph A. Rock, S.J. To the right of Vice President Rock are James Walsh, Mayor of Scranton, and Rev. Louis C. Kleff, S.J., Treasurer of the University. On the far right in the back row is William J. Cavey, S.J., Director of the Physical Plant. Who are the other men in the photograph, and why are they posing together?
First Women Students at The University of Scranton
This is a 1972 photograph of some of the first women students at the University of Scranton. University President (1970-1974) Dexter Hanley, S.J. is in the middle, and that's his dog Prince on the right. On the far right of the back row is Joseph M. Cannon, Director of the Counseling Center. We've also identified Kathryn A. Baldi '75 and Kathleen Brown '75, both sitting to the left of President Hanley. Can you help us identify the other students?
University of Scranton Players
What University of Scranton Players production is this, and who are the actors?
Impromptu footrace on campus
It looks like this photo is showing an impromptu footrace on campus. What was the event, and who's in the picture?
Unknown woman
This photo was in a group of photographs from the May 1970 student strike. Who is this woman, and how was she involved in the strike?